The Circian Highlands are a mountainous coastal region. The rocky shoreline
gives way in the south to the marshy delta of the Numicius River.

  • Along the highlands, the Greeks have hired a large band of mercenary
    Centauri to make trouble for Rome's forces while they plot their next
    offensive. These visious creatures have proven themeselves to be more than up
    to the task of wreaking havoc along the coast.

  • The wicked Wrecker Pirates have also established strongholds along the
    rocky coast. So far, they've been allowed to operate with impunity, as the
    Roman forces in the region are far too beleaguered to do anything about

To make matters worse, the swampy Numicius Delta has been swarmed by a flock
of the corruption-breeding Stymphalian Birds. The alpha-bird of the flock, known
as Pyropus by local hunter, is exceptionally nasty. The gods seem to be putting
many challenges in front of the citizens of the Circian Highlands!

Levels 21-23

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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