Located far to the north of Rome and dominate by mountainous terrain,
Cisalpine Gaul is covered in alpine forests, dotted with lakes and hot springs,
and divided down the middle by a wide and raging river.

  • Cisalpine Gaul has long been the frontline in the bitter struggle between
    the civilized Romans and the barbaric Gauls.

  • Cisalpine Gaul's highest mountani peaks are home to several clans of
    Hyperborean Giants and their herds of hairy, large-tusked elephants. These
    Giants have on occasion allied themselves with the Gauls when it suits them,
    but they generally despise humanity.

Deep in the alpine gorges of the region, a previously unknown threat has
risen int he form of wolf men known as the Voltae. Those who venture into the
Volta'es ravines face grave dangers as they will also encounter the wicked men
who are commanding these beasts. Dangers is man's closet companion when
traveling through this dark land.

Levels 36-40

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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