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  • Stormwind - The Human capital, Stormwind remains the last bastion of Human rule in Azeroth.
  • Ironforge - Any Alliance player can benefit from a solid understanding of Ironforge, the Alliance's pricipal city.
  • Darnassus - Darnassus, home of the Night Elves, standing tall inside of the new world tree.
  • The Exodar - The wrecked ship of the Draenei, that has been turned into their capital city.

Starting Regions

  • Elwynn Forest - Elwynn Forest, a lush forest, is the starting region for the Humans.
  • Dun Morogh - Dun Morogh, which envelops Ironforge, is the starting region for dwarves and gnomes.
  • Teldrassil - Teldrassil, a lonely island in Northern Kalimdor, is where night elves begin their story. It's also the location of the proud night elf city of Darnassus.

Level 10-20 Zones

  • Westfall - Westfall, "west" of Stormwind and Elywnn forest provides plenty to do for anyone between the levels ten and twenty!



  • Orgrimmar - The seat of Horde power, Orgrimmar is the home city for orcs and trolls.
  • Thunder Bluff - The Tauren city, built atop a series of mesas high in Mulgore.
  • Undercity - Home of the Forsaken, Azeroth's freethinking undead carved Undercity out of the ruins of the once-majestic city Lordaeron.

Starting Regions

  • Durotar - Orcs and trolls begin in Durotar, a desert region just outside of Orgrimmar.
  • Mulgore - Members of the bull-like Tauren race begin their journey in Mulgore, a lush prairie enveloping their home city of Thunder Bluff.
  • Tirisfal Glades - Undead begin their un-lives in the plague ridden forests of Tirisfal Glade, just outside Undercity, built beneath the ruins of Lordaeron.
  • Eversong Woods - Blood elves begin their adventures in the lush, yet war-torn forest of Eversong Woods.

Level 10-20 Zones

  • Silverpine Forest Guide - Silverpine Forest is the Horde level 10-20 training grounds near the Undead city of Undercity.
  • The Barrens Guide - The Barrens is the premier zone for Horde players to quest and gain near-effortless experience between levels 10 and 20. It's also an important travel hub for either faction too!
  • More coming soon!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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