The Classes of EverQuest II

This is an overview of the classes currently available in EQ2. The class you choose, will have a hand in which races and starting cities are available to you, so choose wisely!

Each class is listed below along with their in-game description.


Good Aligned Classes

These classes may be utilized with good aligned races and will start in either Qeynos or Kelethin.

Templar: Templars use divine power to mend the wounded and cure the suffering of the afflicted. They can enhance the fortitude of their allies while making their opponents more vulnerable to attacks. Templars can pacify foes, nullifying their normal combat attacks for a short time.

Illusionist: Illusionists employ subtlety and distraction to impose their will upon the enemy. Using their mental acuity to confuse, misdirect, and subdue their opponents, Illusionists can bring order to an otherwise chaotic environment while bestowing beneficial enchantments upon their allies.

Monk: The Monk is a spiritual combatant who believes in the philosophy of mind-over-body. This mastery of physical prowess allows Monks to hasten their formidable attacks, purge their bodies of ailments, move invisibly past their enemies, and even fool opponents into believing them dead.

Paladin: The epitome of honor and valor, Paladins excel in martial combat while employing divine magic to enhance their abilities and strike down their enemies. By invoking both protective and healing magic, the Paladin can often survive battles that would crumble those of lesser resolve.

Ranger: Rangers are unrivaled in their ability to hunt foes and scout dangers in the untamed wilds of Norrath. Known for sneaking safely through dangerous territory, Rangers use stealth, perception, and cunning to seek out enemies and fell them from a distance with a deadly volley of arrows.

Swashbuckler: The Swashbuckler is a dashing rogue known for flamboyant acts and grandiose accomplishments. Using cunning and skill, Swashbucklers inflict devastating attacks against foes before slipping into the shadows. Masters of misdirection, Swashbucklers often avoid the blame for their potent strikes.

Mystic: The Mystic is a shaman of spiritual preservation and enlightenment. Mystics are known for their powerful warding spells that protect allies from harm. The Mystic can enhance the party's attributes and provide magical protection in combat while inflicting debilitating weakness upon the enemy.

Conjurer: Though possessing many potent abilities, the greatest weapons in the Conjurer's arsenal are the powerful elemental minions summoned forth to do their bidding. These dutiful servants obey their master's every command, whether ordered to stand guard or launch attacks against the Conjurer's foes.


Neutral Classes

These classes will work in combination with any race and any starting city.

Troubador: Troubadors inspire and protect their companions with songs of bravery and heroism. By infusing music with magic, Troubadors enbolden their allies into performing outstanding feats of courage against their opponents. The Troubador's songs are particularly popular with the spellcasters.

Dirge: Dirges play songs of despair, misery, and lamentation that invoke intense fury and aggression within the hearts of their allies. The Dirge can use music to inflict great despair and longing in enemies, demoralizing them so completely that their abilities are significantly diminished.

Fury: Embodying the primal forces of nature, the Fury is equally capable of both defense and destruction. In addition to regenerative healing, Furies can enhance the physical attributes and mystical might of their allies, making the attacks of their party members even more formidable.

Warden: Wardens invoke their druidic powers to mend wounds and purge disease and poison from their allies. While Wardens excel in regenerative healing, they can command the forces of nature against their foes. They can change shape, imbuing themselves and their allies with the form of the great wolf.

Wizard: The Wizard can unleash the purest forms of destruction by harnessing the arcane magics of fire and ice. Channelling the full force of these elements into deadly focus, no other type of mage is able to match the Wizard's ability to inflict such great devastation upon a single target.

Warlock: Warlocks are masters of death and decay who channel the forces of poison and disease to bring untimely end to their enemies. By invoking these dark powers and unleashing destruction all around them, Warlocks can deal devastating damage against multiple opponents at once.

Guardian: The Guardian is the anchor of any group of adventurers, providing leadership and protection for their allies. Combining durable armor with an impressive array of defensive skills, Guardians can remain standing after absorbing substantial amounts of physical damage from their enemies.

Berserker: The Berserker is the personification of unbridled aggression and fury. They are fearsome opponents, especially when facing many foes at once. Berserkers stand at the forefront of battle, unleashing their devastating rage upon the enemy while keeping unwanted attention away from their allies.


Evil Aligned Classes

These classes may be utilized with evil aligned races and will start in either Freeport or Neriak.

Inquisitor: Capable of serving as the cornerstone of any adventuring party, the Inquisitor can heal wounds and purge ailments such as disease and poison. Inquisitors invoke divine strikes against their opponents and retaliate with unyielding conviction against those that dare to harm their allies.

Coercer: The Coercer is capable of subduing enemies, sending them into a paralyzing state of fascination of causing them to flee in uncontrollable terror. Masters of domination, Coercers can subjugate the mind of another, taking complete control and forcing an unwitting creature to do their bidding.

Bruiser: Bruisers are relentless juggernauts of strength and intimidation who have transformed their bodies into vicious weapons to inflict pain and suffering upon their enemies. Masters of physical combat, Bruisers rely upon deflection and agility to avoid attacks as they brutalize their foes.

Assassin: The Assassin is the master of sinister strikes and opportunistic attacks. Exceptionally skilled at surprising unwitting opponents, they strike suddenly and inflict massive damage. Assassins are known for using deadly poisons to debilitate their targets before finishing them off.

Brigand: Brigands are crafty rogues who employ intimidation and force to subdue their enemies. The Brigand maintains an element of unpredictability to arouse discomfort, fear, and confusion in an opponent. Strikes from a Brigand will often leave a foe crippled and vulnerable to further attacks.

Shadowknight: Shadowknights are malevolent crusaders who wreak fear, hate, and despair upon all who would oppose them. In addition to their formidable martial skills, Shadowknights conjure dark magic with which they can enhance their abilities and drain away the life force of their enemies.

Defiler: The Defiler is a shaman of corruption and spiritual enslavement. A powerful ally, Defilers are able to mend wounds and remove ailments from the afflicted. Fearsome in battle, the Defiler employs ancient rituals of dark power to sicken, harm, and reduce the fighting prowess of the enemy.

Necromancer: The Necromancer is the unholy master of death and decay. Dominating the unliving, Necromancers summon forth undead servants that attack their opponents without fear or hesitation. Necromancers employ dark arcane magic that weakens the enemy as they drain away its life force.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016