In Search of New Lands

Explorers who discover something great or important go into the annals
of history. Some of them become so famous that they get their own
holiday. In the world of massively-multiplayer online games, players
can capture that sense of discovery provided that the world is big
enough. Ralsu recounts the thrills he had playing one MMO and
"explores" the question "Can a world be too big?"

brings Columbus Day, a time when we remember the man who "discovered"
the continent of North America. Without delving into the political
debate that surrounds the man who "sailed the ocean blue" in 1492, I
want to focus on what Columbus Day represents. I want to focus on the
journey across a vast over world that gives you the sense of being part
of something very big. I want to discuss the exploration of unfamiliar
landmarks. I want to reminisce on the accidental discovery of something

Read href="">Columbus
Day and relive the journey with Ralsu!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016