Today we have the first Common Content editorial for our Warhammer Online site here at the TenTonHammer Network. This weeks article, "Carrot on a Squig" deals with the attractions offered by Warhammer Online and what keeps people interested in it. Here's a quick peek:

I’ve always had a love of the Warhammer World, starting almost six years ago when I got into Warhammer Fantasy Battles with my Skaven army. When I started playing Fantasy, I kept asking myself if the game would ever be turned into a computer game, and eventually I would have my question answered when Climax announced their development of Warhammer Online. Since the announcement that Warhammer Online was in development, I became an interested follower of both the game and the MMORPG genre...

You can read the entire Editorial here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016