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Today's Common Content article for the TenTonHammer network deals with the idea of Scoreboarding in an MMO. Since Warhammer Online will obviously need some kind of PvP scoring system, today Ratboy takes a look into the pro/con's of a Scoreboard in an MMO and what one can expect from having one. Here's a peek:

People are jerks. It’s a plain fact that really shows in environments where people get together and thus it really shows up in MMO’s. People enjoy spiting one another over the simplest of things and it seems to be even sweeter if it’s people you don’t know; thus scoreboards. Dating back to those old FPS games you used to play back when you were a ‘wee gamer child’ the scoreboard lets you know who’s on top of the heap when it comes to total score. Now the inevitable question needs to be asked; does Warhammer Online need a scoreboard? As a game that’s based around PvP and players engaged in combat, it seems obvious that something will be needed, but let’s go over the finer points of the scoreboard system shall we?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016