There has been one race in the Star Wars universe that has held a special place in fans hearts since they used rocks and sticks to help take out the Death Star. Now with the upcoming launch of patch 2.3 you will get to add one of these furry fellows to your companion team in the form of Treek, the mercenary Ewok. As preparation for the upcoming release, Bioware have released a short  “How To” on acquiring Treek to your squad.

Note: All versions of the Mercenary Contract are tradable on the GTN. However, the In-Game currency version will require you to have legacy lvl 40 while the Cartel Coin one will not so beware when buying!

On the Cartel Market

Like most things in SWTOR these days you can crack open your wallet and simply buy Treek from the Cartel Market. At launch you can purchase a “Mercenary Contract” for 2100 Cartel Coins that will grant access to a quest that when completed will add Treek to your companion entourage. The mercenary contract is a single use item, meaning the quest can only be completed once per purchase.

In-Game Credits

Don’t have the real life cash to pick up Treek, no worries you can use in game money to get her. You can also purchase the Mercenary Contract from the astromech Legacy Vendor in the new Cartel Bazaar area on you factions fleet station. In order to buy the Contract with in-game credits you must have a legacy level of 40 and a cool 1 million credits. The contract will then begin the mission to acquiring Treek same as the CM version.

Note: Once you have purchased one of the Mercenary Contracts above and competed the quest, obtaining Treek, you can unlock him on your other characters via the methods below.


Once you have unlocked Treek on one character you can purchase a Legacy Wide Mercenary Contract for 700 Cartel Coins. You will then be able to grab a copy of the contract from any character in the legacy and complete the quest.


Again, once a character has acquired Treek, the rest of you characters in that legacy can purchase the “Treek Character Perk” in the legacy panel. Doing so will instantly unlock Treek for that character without having to do the quest. This character specific perk costs 300k credits and requires a legacy level of 40 and character level 10.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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