The Court of Oryx Bosses are some of the nastiest Hive and Taken creatures Oryx has to throw at you. Not only that, but as you go up to tier two, you start having to face several of them at a time, and they often make up for one another’s weaknesses. That being said, no boss or combination of bosses is invincible, in fact with an organized fire team you can make quick work of them so long as everyone knows what to do.

To prepare you for each encounter, here’s a list of the Court of Oryx bosses with tips on how to beat them from Tier 1 all the way to Tier 3.

Tier 1

Lokaar – He has several different shields each with a different elemental attunement. While you can slug them down with any weapon, using the right elemental power to counteract his shield will make it much easier. He also teleports around a lot, so keep an eye out for him.

Bracus Horu’usk – This guy has an impenetrable shield that will only come down when all of the other enemies around him have been killed. Mop them up quickly and then focus fire him while his shields are down. Enemies will respawn so wash rinse and repeat.

Krughor – If you haven’t noticed already, shields are a popular thing in the Court. Krughor’s shields can only be brought down by causing a cursed thrall to explode near him. The explosion will also stun him briefly, giving you the perfect opportunity to do some damage.

Vorlog – This knight will switch and recharge his elemental shield regularly. If possible, try to equip each fireteam member with a different elemental weapon so that you’re ready for any shield type. Apart from that he’s one of the easier bosses.

Cra’adug and Mengoor – By far one of the most annoying boss fights out there. They both have an impenetrable shield that only goes down when they are near each other. The trick is to stay together as a group so that they are both chasing you the same direction. When they’re close have a hunter lock them in place with their Shadow Shot, and then focus fire one of them. Once one is down the other will lose their shield permanently.

 Alzok Dal, Gornuk Dal and Zyrok Dal – The three wizards are capable of reviving one another so you’ll have to take them out around the same time. Try to get each of them to low health and then focus fire each one in rapid succession so they don’t have time to revive.

Tier 2

There are no bosses unique to Tier 2. Instead you will have to face several tier one bosses at the same time. The combinations are random so be prepared for everything.

Prioritizing is also key to winning tier two. Find out what bosses give you the most trouble in tier one and then focus them first when they start coming in groups in tier 2. Cra’adug and Mengoor can be a pain if left alive for the entire fight, but Vorlog will generally stay on the top platform and can generally be left alone until the end.

Tier 3

This is where the big boys come out to play. It’s often a good idea to be at least light level 290 and have two fireteams if you want to get them done fast and without a headache. Getting two fireteams together is often very difficult, as the game will usually load a different instance of an area if for two players if they are not in the same fireteam. Luckily the court is usually a busy place so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding other players around willing to help you.

The bosses for tier three change each week with new ones being added occasionally. Let us know in the comments if there’s one you’ve encountered but you don’t see on the list.


This fight’s a bit of an ogre party. Right off the bat several ogres will spawn along with a Servite Ogre and a Maleficent Eye. You’ll have to kill the Servite Ogre quickly if you’re going to be able to do any damage to Kagoor in the second phase of the fight, luckily destroying the Maleficent Eye provides your team with a buff that increases your damage done to ogres. Grab the buff and focus the Servite Ogre to start the second phase.

The second phase is all about killing Kagoor. If you’ve got the Servite Ogre down all you’ll need to focus on is dealing damage to the boss. Keep focusing him while avoiding the ogres he drops and he should go down pretty quickly.


If you’ve done the Crota fight then this will feel very familiar. At the start of the fight Thalnok will spawn in with a bunch of enemies including two wizards and a swordbearer in the middle. Just like Crota, your job is to kill the sword bearer, at which point one player will grab it and get into position somewhere near one of the ramps, the others then blast Thalnoks shields down which will stun him and open him up to attack from the sword bearer.

It’s at this point that the sword bearer should run in and get at least two whacks at him with the sword. The sword will be destroyed after a few uses, but a new swordbearer will spawn in when that happens providing you with a new one.

Repeat the process until Thalnok’s dead and you’re done!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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