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Cove of Decay access is actually 3 seperate quests, presented here
together for your convenience.

Part 1:  Head to the Ruins
of Varsoon.  A Centaur in the jail area (first right from the
zone-in) named Thana Rumblehoof initiates the quest. Next, kill prison
guards (which spawn every ten minutes in that area) until one drops a
key.  Follow the centaurs to the zone line, where they will tell
you to find Chieftain Kraughl in TS.

Find Kraughl at (+91, +1385) at the extreme southern tip of TS by
Coldwind Cove to begin part 2.

Part 2:  Kraughl wants you
to kill Grinash the Viscious. Head to the extreme northwest part of the
map near the gnoll spires.  Grinash is a proximity pop at about
+1300, -340. Kill him and return to Chieftain Kraughl.  He'll send
you to the nearby Wiseman Orulan (+35, +1350) to begin part 3.

Part 3:  Orulan has two
kill tasks for you.  Here are the nasties and their locs.

  • Incaulebis the Maleficent (-470, +850), skelly near RoV main
  • The Banished in Thundering Steppes (roams area near +960, +1080).

you must speak to Cassondra in the Thundering Steppes, who walks around
the central part of the Western Plains in TS.  She opens up a
mandatory side-quest: you must kill Windfeather, a level 30 griffon
which paths near the north part of the beach in the Western
Plains.  Return to Cassondra, then go to Orulan to receive Cove of
Decay access!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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