Crushbone Keep: A History of Power and Corruption

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Among the mighty trees of Greater Faydark sits an ominous fortress. Filled with some of the mightiest warriors, Cruhsbone Keep is a testament to these warlike creatures perseverance. Where did these creatures come from, and why do they continue to battle the inhabitants of Faydwer?

In the Orc Lore and Legend book, "Orc Society," Professor Romiak Justathorn explains that all Orcs "live for war and conquest." These disciplined warriors never surrender a battle, dying to the last man. Devoted to Rallos Zek, they follow a path a path of violence equaled by no other race of creature on the face of Norrath.

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D'Vinn Then

According to a "Tome of Crushbone History" the Tier'Dal (those blueberry colored Dark Elves) came to the Crushbone clan in hopes of establishing an alliance. The Orcs hated the "light" elves also, so it made perfect sense for them to join forces against their enemies. In order to foster an environment of cooperation, a Dark Elf ambassador named D'Vinn was sent to Crushbone, and became a pivotal part of the Orcs history.

Like a familiar figure we know from real history, Rasputin, D'Vinn advised Emperor Crush and subsequent emperor's on military and political issues, working his way into a position of great power. As the War of the Fay ended, the Dark Elves relinquished what little hold they had on Faydwer. D'Vinn took this opportunity to bring more of his kind to Crushbone Keep with promises of power to the Orcs, solidifying his hold on the Emperor.

D'Vinn soon conspired with a power hungry orc named "The Prophet" to remove the Emperor from the picture entirely. The Prophet claimed to have a vision from Rallos Zek saying the Crushbone clan would achieve victory when the Emperor made a pilgrimage to Loping Plains. The Emperor agreed and hasn't been seen since (yeah…he's coming back right?). D'Vinn produced signed documents placing him in charge and silenced any opposition from the skeptical leaders. It was not long before he was proclaimed Emperor.

D'Vinn soon published Edicts requiring orcs to report "heretics who arise within our ranks from time to time and challenge this sacred bond between Teir'Dal and orc." He also demanded elves, dwarves, and the "weak" Fae be captured for interrogation, promising victory against them.

In EverQuest 2, the Orcs have situated their Keep in the eastern portion of Greater Faydark, in a valley only accessible through a tunnel. Unlike EverQuest 1, it has been built up and has a number of additonal fortress-like buildings. The orcs also seem to be unearthing a piece of meteor for unknown reasons.

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D'Vinn Now

D'Vinn now sits in total control of the Crushbone Clan, and completing the Acadechism shows him in league with a far darker power, the vampire Mayong Mistmoore. What these two are doing, isn't made clear, but it can't be good.

Not much more information is available on Crushbone, so I hope this was enlightening for you. If you have lore available that would give further insight please feel free to email me, you'll receive full credit.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016