The Construct Quarter is the fourth wing in the Hearthstone expansion Curse of Naxxramas.  In it you will find four bosses that you have to fight your way past. This guide walks your through each boss’s basic abilities, what to expect, and what your reward will be for defeating them.

The bosses are as follows:

  • Patchwerk
  • Grobbulus
  • Gluth
  • Thaddius


Pathwork is the first boss in the Construct Quarter and is an extremely nasty boss to defeat.  His difficulty level against normal decks is really high and you will likely have to build a custom deck to defeat him.

The two things that make him difficult are his hero power and the fact that he starts with a weapon.  His hero power allows him to target and kill any minion of his choice for 4 mana.  This allows him to keep the board clear very easily and means that even you most powerful minions will not last long.  Second to his hero power is his weapon, a 5/8 Hook that has a death rattle to put it back in his hand.  This means he will be smashing you or your minions each turn.  If you have no minions with taunt, or no way to remove the weapon, expect to be dead by turn 6.

Ok, scared enough yet?  Like I said it is a hard fight. When / if you do defeat Patchwerk though, you will be rewarded with 2 Undertaker cards.

Patchwerk Strategy

Since Patchwerk can kill off minions with his Hateful Strike each turn starting on turn 4, and since he can hit you with his hook almost continuously, you need to find ways around them quickly.  This means building a custom deck for Patchwerk or getting very luck with a fast agro deck.

A solid way to defeat Patchwerk is to focus on minions that can not be targeted by his hateful strike, minions that destroy his weapon, and minions that prevent him from hitting you directly.  Just some of these minions are Faerie Dragons, Spectral Knights, Acidic Swamp Ooze, Harrison Jones, and any cheap minion with taunt.

The second part of the strategy to defeat Patchwerk revolves around hitting him directly.  Since minions are not reliable against him with all of his removal, this means direct damage spells.  Control spells also help dramatically since denying him the ability to attack with a freeze effect is an excellent way to slow him down until you can remove his weapon.

As you can tell from the listing of requirements, Mage decks work extremely well against Patchwerk.  You can keep him busy with minions that clear his weapon or can not be targeted for a while, affect him and his minions with freeze effects, and then beat him down with Pyroblasts and Fireballs.

If mage decks are not your thing, you can still focus on the same basic strategy with a different class.  If you do not have enough control spells with your chosen class you can add in some hard hitting charge minions to try to get some more damage in.

Heroic Mode - When attempting this fight in heroic mode it is even more difficult as Patchwerks weapon becomes a 4/8 Windfury weapon with the same return to hand deathrattle effect.


The second boss in the Construct Quarter is Grobbulus, and the fights in this wing continue to be difficult.  Grobbulus will catch the unprepared and demolish them with his hero power.  For two mana he can deal 1 damage to all minions and for each minion that dies he gets a 1/1 slime minion.

His hero power as well as the minions and cards in his deck that deal AOE damage make this fight difficult to keep minions alive in.  Do not even attempt the fight with an agro deck as the number of fast and cheap minions will just make your life harder by providing Grobbulus even more slimes to use.

By defeating Grobbulus you will earn 2 copies of the Mad Scientist minion card shown above.

Grobbulus Strategy

Since minions in play will provide Grobbulus more slimes eventually, a viable option is to focus just on control and direct damage.

This tactic again means looking at a mage deck, and one that can be based partially around the one used for Patchwerk.  All the control spells and direct damage abilities will have their place here.  However you will want to strip out most of the minions and just keep a few that provide enough benefit to justify giving Grobbulus slimes.  These include Azure Drake, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, and Acolyte of Pain for card draw and Alexstrasza for the late game health drop to Grobbulus.  Other than those though, almost the whole deck should be spells and damage.

The strategy with such a deck is stall, stall, stall, then summon Alexstrasza and then blast him with Pyroblast the following turn for the win (assuming Alezstraza lives to hit him as well).

If you are looking for another option, Druid decks can work as well with all of the big tough minions that they have.  With multiple big blockers in play, they will generally last long enough to deal enough damage to justify having on the board before becoming a slime.

Heroic Mode - When attempting this fight in heroic mode Grobbulus’s hero power becomes even nastier.  It drops to 0 mana and deals 2 damage instead of one to all minions.


The third encounter in the Construct Quarter is against Gluth.  His hero power is again very scary and very anti-minion based called Decimate that changes all minions health to 1.  This makes it very difficult to have any minions stick around for long. This teamed up with his weapon called Jaws which gets stronger as minions with Deathrattle die makes the fight quite difficult.

To synergize with Jaws and his hero power, most of Gluth’s minions have deathrattle abilities.  Gluth uses many minions as well as several Druid cards such as Bite and Savagery.

Once you defeat Gluth you will each a pair of Zombie Chow minions as shown above.

Gluth Strategy

The fight can cause frustrations if you are playing a minion heavy deck since Gluth will kill them off fairly quickly with his Hero Power.  Therefore to minimize the downside you can go two different routes.  The first is a control / direct damage deck as discussed for Grobbulus above, and the second is an agro deck that has many fast but weak minions.  After all changing a minions health from 1 to 1 is a null change.

Both deck styles work, but one key element to keep in mind with either one is to at least add in two Acidic Swamp Ooze to deal with his nasty weapon.  More importantly save the ooze to deal with the weapon, don’t use it before he brings a Jaws into play.

No matter what deck you decide to fight Gluth with, a key tactic should be managing when you kill of the multiple Zombie Chow minions that Gluth summons.  Each one grants you 5 health when killed, so don’t just kill them indiscriminately, wait until the healing will help you.

Heroic Mode - When attempting this fight on heroic mode Gluth will be able to cast Decimate for free instead of 2 mana.  His deck also gets nastier with an additional Jaws in it and fewer Zombie Chow.


The final encounter in the Construct Quarter is against Thaddius and is a very tough fight since he starts with both Feugen and Stalagg on the board (although they do not have their normal card ability to summon Thaddius, since he is obviously already there).  His hero power is called Polarity Shift and swaps the health and attack of all minions for free at the start of his turn.

The constant swapping of health and attack can make some minions better, but others worse.  It also can be played to your advantage if you plan for it.

Thaddius makes use of several minions with Deathrattle abilities, and several with equal health and attack so as to minimize the detrimental effect of his own hero power.  He also used a lot of direct damage in the form of Shaman lightning spells.  Lastly he has a card of his very own called Supercharge with boosts all of his minions health by 2.

Once you defeat Thaddius you will each a pair Wailing Soul minions as shown below.  You will also earn a single Feugen and a Stalagg for defeating this wing of Naxxramas.

Thaddius Strategy

The fight is difficult due to health swaps, but remember that they are not always a bad thing. If you can get one of his minions to a low health number, it means they will be far less dangerous next turn as their health will become their attack, so sometimes even if you can not kill a minion, dealing damage to it can be just as good.

Watch out for having multiple minions in play at any time due to all of the AOE that Thaddius has in his deck.

Decks with a lot of silence or removal cards will work very well against Thaddius since he has many different minions with beneficial effects on them.  This means that once again Mage decks work well, but so do Druid decks, agro decks, and even control decks.

Even though Thaddius is the final boss encounter in this wind of Naxxramas and his power is nasty, he seems like one of the easier bosses to beat in the wing.  Have fun.

Heroic Mode - When attempting this fight on heroic mode the fight is even more difficult right from the start since Feugen and Stalagg will start on the board.  This means you need to find a way to deal with them fairly quickly. Cards like Big Game Hunter, Hex, and Polymorph all work well.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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