You Want In? I'll Get You In...

The Artisan is a expert trap disarmer and lock picker. There is no where in Stormreach that cannot be reached when he is in your party. Want to find out how to make one? Read Darkgolem's newest build, The Artisan!

In DDO, the highest difficulty class for most traps and locks peaks at a 61 (per player post). The artisan can get a minimum of a 27 with a roll, but with a +13 item, using rogue skill boost, and rolling a 20, can get a total of 63. This is before non item enhancements (such as bard song, and so on). With inspire competence (bard song) and greater heroism (the spell), this can reach a 69. These items are only the extremesÂ… in general the difficulty class to sense, find, disarm or open a lock or trap is much lower.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016