Dark Elf Racial Quests

To avoid any show of favouritism, I did the guide for those smelly half elves first. However, now that that's

out of the way, I can move on to the superior race without worries that silly little pink pantsed dwarf will raise a

fuss. Yes, all bow before the might and majesty of...

Dark Elves

When you step off the boat ride from the Isle of Refuge (and no, they don't know how to treat Dark Elves properly

there) you find yourself in a slum. It's true. Longshadow Alley is a wretched place. Gone, are the soaring,

graceful halls of Neriak. No more, our lovely flourescent illuminations. We're stuck with this dirty, above ground


Pick your way carefully through the muck on the docks and find Aldera V'Exxa. She speaks with you at length

about what it means to be a Dark Elf. After you both agree to our vast superiority in all things, she has a few

tasks for you.

Quest One

No true Dark Elf is ever lost (yes I know there are those who disagree here, citing me as an example, to which I

respond, I'm only trying to make you feel better about yourselves.) so your first task is to explore your new home.

Take a quick turn around Longshadow Alley, making especial note of the exits. Return to Aldera and she gives you

approximately 1s 16c as a reward.

Quest Two

Now, as all good Dark Elves know, there's nothing wrong with a little good theft. However, one has to do it with

style and flair. There's a Dark Elf in Longshadow by the name of Teah, who is embarassing us all. Aldera wants you

to help her teach him a well deserved lesson. All she needs is a few Shadow's Kiss mushrooms. They can be found by

the entrance to the Thieve's Way. Gather the mushrooms and return to Aldera. She gives you approximately 1s 16c.

Generous isn't she?

Quest Three

In order to finish the poison for our little friend Teah, Aldera needs an alchemical medium. She sends you to

get one from Kalraath. He can be found near the gate to North Freeport. He gives it to you, and you return to

Aldera. While she's mixing and applying the potion, she quizzes you about what you're to be doing and why. Answer

her questions and get the poisoned bread.

Quest Four

Take the poisoned bread to Lynsia's kiosk and set it on the counter. Teah comes along, takes, and eats the

poisoned bread. Watch him die (because it's fun) and then return to tell Aldera that the embarassment has been

removed. You get another 1s 16c or so, and praise. Aldera's so pleased with you, that she sends you off to the

Graveyard to continue your work for Custodian Zaddar Sullissia. The entrance to the Graveyard is over by the

Thieves Way.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016