Raven, Doctor Fate, and Zatanna assist you in a fight against Brother Blood.
He will send minions against you in waves which you need to take out first.
Focus on your combos with the waves of minions so that your power bar is full
when you are finally able to take on Brother Blood. If you're having trouble
keeping your health up during the waves, take a back seat. The others will do
some of the work so you don't need to be deep in the fray.

Between the waves, Brother Blood will attack one of the NPCs that are with you
and you'll need to fight him off of them. He'll do a little attacking,
disappear, then call upon his minions again.  Each time the minions are
called, Brother Blood rejuvenates to full health and it doesn't seem as though
you are meant to defeat him just yet so don't hurt yourself doing damage. Focus
on keeping your health up and reserving your power.

Once he's attacked each member of your party, the waves will stop coming and
you'll finally be given enough time to actually kill Brother Blood. With Raven,
Zatanna, and Doctor Fate along for the ride, Brother Blood has a lot of targets
to focus on so you can jump in and out of close combat.  Utilize those
ranged attacks while getting out of the way and jump in close when you need to. 
The more attacks you can avoid, the less damage you take.  It's a long
fight but more a matter of staying in it long enough to survive than a matter of
being able to do amazing damage to win.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016