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This is a sort of weird and oddly tough battle. Circle curses you right off
the bat so not only are you transformed into a ugly creature, but you also have
your abilities taken away and replaced with a few basics. You get damage and
knock back skills as well as a itty bitty heal. The good news is you do get to
use your consumables, so you'll have those if you get into a pickle. Your goal
is to keep the minions from moving the exobytes to the portal. You'll want to
place yourself in front of the port. Test out your skills real quick prior to
the minions pouring in so you know what they do. Use the knock back and attack
to keep the minions from reaching the portal. The minions come in several waves
before you can finally help Wonder Woman out with Circe.

You don't really need to clear the room of the minions before attacking Circe.
They get in the way a little but they have low health so they pretty much get
caught in the cross fire and die with little effort. For Circe, since you are
still transformed and really don't have much at your disposal, you'll want to be
right on her with melee attacks. You might end up with carpal tunnel by the end
of the fight, but the more consistently you attack her, the quicker you will

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016