First, grab the easy mission just inside the zone from the SpecOps. Never
skip these because their quick experience is just too good to pass over.

In this zone, having some sort of grab/ground ability is very useful. The big
hitters here are the Killer Bees. They have a special move that digs into your
health so you need to make good use of your blocking skill. Pull these guys
first as they roam on the ground, block when you see the special move icon over
their head, then take them down once they are done spinning. Now you can focus
on the guys in the air. You'll want to snatch the flying enemies (workers and
stingers) and bring them to you. You may manage to snag just about everyone in
the room when you attack these guys, but they aren't terribly difficult so just
use AoEs liberally for them.

After you've released all of the scientists (white dots on your mini-map) you'll
come to the room with the force field generator. Take that out then move on
towards the last room with the Queen. The Queen will send her guardians after
you first. Use AoEs and high damage skills to get these guys gone quickly or
utilize crowd control to separate the two. Once they are gone, the fight is
pretty easy. The Queen has mind control so avoid those with your blocking skill
(Shift or R key). Lock onto the Queen and blast away! You'll probably need 2-3
soder colas throughout this fight so make sure you have at least that many. The
colas have a long cool down time so don't wait until you are really in trouble
to use them. The Queen will eventually die with the break mez, blast, heal,
repeat method.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016