The first time I tried this zone at level 17, it didn't go very well so if at
all possible, get to level 18 before heading in.

Your first tough spot is going up against Lightkeeper Janis. She likes to stun
and trap you. Be prepared with that Shift key to break out of the encasement. It
works well to break the stun then use an ability to leap forward so you are
spending less time running around and chasing after her each time she knocks you

Moving on from there, pick up the mission at the bookcase for a little extra
easy experience. When you destroy each bookcase a group of mobs will spawn so
make sure you aren't knee deep in other enemies before you tackle those.

In the final room, you release Eclipso and fight Zatanna. She is a pretty rough
fight. There are orbs around the room that release shadowmen to assist in the
fight. Use these one at a time throughout the fight. When Zatanna gets to about
half health, she summons Etrigan who is also fairly tough. Break his stuns and
keep a consistent flow of damage going. Finishing off Zatanna is also a matter
of consistency. You should be on top of her at every second using your combos.
Breaking her concentration and keeping her from casting any big spells is your
best method of survival. Even if you are using the same one combo over and over
again, just keep it going. When she manages to shove off, use a supercharged
power then get right back at her.  The key with Zatanna is to barrage her
with constant combo attacks so she doesn't get the chance to damage you.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016