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With the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, The Deadmines is one of two low level instances that got heroic versions created for them.  In the heroic version of the Deadmines there are six different achievements to complete.  They are: Ready for Raiding, Rat Pack, Prototype Prodigy, It’s Frost Damage, I’m on a Diet, and Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator.

Ready for Raiding

Difficulty: Simplistic

This achievement is so easy that most players should earn it the first time in the fight, without even knowing about it or trying for it. The beam is made of fire, and players should never stand in or get near fire, pretty simple.  There should be no excuses from anyone for not getting this on their first attempt, the beam moves at a steady slow pace and is completely avoidable with anything less than 800ms latency or a disconnect.

Rat Pack

Difficulty: Easy

Another super easy achievement, that is just here for fun.  Each time the Lumbering Oaf grabs someone to ram against the wall, a bunch of mine rats are spawned.  They do not take part in the fight and will scurry off shortly after spawned.  Simply drop some AOE in the room around them and they will die.

Prototype Prodigy

Difficulty: Easy

This is another very simple achievement.  The Prototype Reaper doesn’t take any fire damage and is therefore immune to damage from the fire adds. He can, however, take damage from the adds that are in the room before you pull the boss, and from the boss himself.

Therefore, do not get into the reaper until all the adds have been cleared from the room.

Then have the tank engage the boss and pull him up the ramp with the DPS and healer and fight near the top. 

The Prototype Reaper stays at the bottom and deals with the adds using a 1-1-2 rotation to keep then stunned.  Any time the Boss overdrives down the ramp, make sure you avoid any incoming damage.

Note as well, that this achievement will only work the first time you fight the boss.  If you wipe, the reaper will have obviously been killed and therefore breaks the achievement for that run.  You will have to try again another day.

Frost Damage

Difficulty: Easy - Difficult

This is either a very easy, or very hard achievement, depending if you care to wipe or not.

The easy way is to earn the achievement and wipe right after. To do this simply do the fight normally until the first fog phase, then allow the Freezing Vapors to cast Coalesce.  Just before they finish have any Paladin and / or Mage cast their bubble / ice block.  The vapors will explode, your players will survive it, and everyone earns the achievement. Wipe it up and come back to fight the boss normally.

The difficult way is to use line of sight to avoid the blast entirely.  To do this though, you need to have extremely good timing.  All DPS must get out of line of sight of the adds as they spawn going behind the cabin that is on the deck of the ship.  Leave the tank and healer on the deck to agro the adds and stay alive.  The tank should hold them near a corner of the cabin and once they start to cast Coalescence both the tank and healer need to get out of LOS quickly.  This version is very difficult due to timing of the explosions and Ripsnarl re-appearing.  It is extremely easy for either an explosion to hit the players, or the boss to jump someone that is out of LOS of the tank or healer. 

Im on a diet

Difficulty: Easy

This is another super simple achievement.  Better yet, there are two ways to complete it.

The first is to simply not pick up any food.  If you have a very high DPS group anyway, you don’t need the buff to beat Cookie, so why risk clicking on bad food? Simply move around avoiding the bad food’s AOE damage effect and burn the boss down before you run out of places to go.

The second is to simply be careful about what you click on the deck.  The good food glows white, while the bad food glows green.  Simply be careful about what you pick up and avoid the bad food’s AOE.  Your DPS will sky rocket due to the stacking haste buff that the food provides and you will easily defeat Cookie before you run out of places to move.

VacCleef Vindicator

Difficulty: Difficult

This achievement is arguably the most difficult since you only get one try at it each time you are in the instance. The only other one that might be harder to earn is Headed South from the Lost City of Tol’vir.

This achievement is a race to get to Vanessa within 5 minutes, which is a very tight time frame considering the 10 second stun that starts the event counts in that 5 minutes, as does the time Vanessa spends chatting you up.  This really means you have about 4:30 to finish the event.  Everyone needs to be communicating to each other and the plan has to be pre-set to have any chance at this achievement.

In the first part of the nightmare, you need to jump off directly towards the door and not waste time going down the ramp.  The tank should pick up Glubtock right away and DPS needs to nuke him down, while avoiding any fire or ice damage.

Once Glubtock dies and Helix spawns, everyone needs to stack on the tank and burn down Helix.  Ignore the spiders and just burn down Helix.  Ignore the spiders until Helix is dead, then kill them when the door is opening.

The tank should agro Foe Reaper and pull him all the way down the hall through the gauntlet, simply focusing on getting to the door. Once at the end, focus on and kill Foe Reaper.

Rush through the door and engage the worgen there.  Make your way through the packs, and pull Vanessa before you run out of time.  Some groups will actually mount up after the first or second group of worgens and rush to the top to pull Vanessa, this is a good option if you are running behind for time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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