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When a Death Knight begins its journey it will first have to prove itself ready for the world. In Wrath of the Lich King Death Knights have a special instanced version of Eastern Plaguelands where they follow through an epic storyline starting with their training and leading up to the moment they join the Horde or the Alliance. Throughout the adventure they are given equipment (a full set of rare quality gear) and are awarded their proper talent points.

This guide already assumes that you’ve gotten a character to level fifty five and are a rather seasoned player. We’ll walk you through each quest explaining all of the new technology that is used. By the end of this guide you should be out of the instanced area and into the “real world”. If you need help on your Death Knight then return to our Death Knight main page for guides and info on these unholy warriors.

Starting the Adventure

The adventure begins as soon as you create your character. You’ll load up in front of the Lich King who’ll have a quest marker above his head. Before you do anything I would suggest that you go ahead and arrange your inventory, setup your U.I., and do anything else to make you feel that you’re ready to play. Remember that your Death Knight will be level fifty five (55) so you're going to be starting off at a rather high level. However, you will not have any talent points. These will be awarded to you through quests instead. You'll have all of your normal talent points by the time you're done here.

Alright. Let’s start! The first quest will be in front of you given by the mighty Lich King. In Service of The King will be the quest name and it has a simple instruction: report to Instructor Razuvious in the Heart of Acherus. The floating Necropolis that you’re on is known as “Acherus”, so we can assume that he’ll be somewhere nearby. He is! Walk across the Necropolis to him.

Old Razuvious (one of the many characters reused from Naxxramas) is up to his old tricks training Death Knights. When you talk to him he’ll give you the next question: The Emblazoned Runeblade. Essentially you need to grab a Runebladed Sword from a weapon rack nearby. You can’t miss them. Return and you’ll get your first Runeblade: [Runed Soulblade].


The skull with a glowing blue light inside is a Runeforge located within the Necropolis. As a Death Knight you can use these Runeforges to do Runeforging. Beside the Runeforge is the weapon racks used for The Emblazoned Runeblade.

Preperation For Battle is the followup and just shows you how Runeforging works. Walk up to a Runeforge (see the picture) and right click on it. Select a rune, apply it, and then return. The Endless Hunger is next and it instructs you to kill an Unworthy Initiate. You’ve got two choices here. Wimp out, close the game or kill some innocent people who wanted to become Death Knights! Option two is the awesome one, if you haven’t figured it out yet. Head to the center of the room, unlock one, and kill it. Easy.

Next up is The Eye of Acherus. Easy, return to the Lich King and chat him up. He’ll be in a talkative mood (again) and will command you to use the eye to go spy on the evil (or good) Scarlet Crusade (Death Comes From On High). Use the eye beside him to go “analyze” the four targets. They’ll have large red arrows pointing at them. Use “Shroud” to hide yourself from enemies, “Summon Ghouls” to take their attention away, and “Siphon” to analyze the marks. It’s not as hard as it seems.

You'll take control of a floating eyeball and infiltrate a village of crusaders against the Scourge. As you float about you'll see the red arrows pointing to your targets. It may take a try or two to get the hang of it, so don't get discouraged if you go past the two minute time limit.

With that done, The Might of the Scourge begins. Walk into the teleporter behind the Lich King which will take you to another level of the Necropolis where Mograine is. He’ll give you Report to Scourge Commander Thalanor along with a buff to make you run really fast through the Necropolis. Go to Thalanor (he’s nearby) and get a gryphon down. He’ll give you The Scarlet Harvest asking you to see Prince Valanar.

Once you’re on the ground you’ll see Valanar walking about. Now we’re going to have a large group of quests to get done and we’ll knock them all out. Pick out If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold the Reins and then pick up Grand Theft Palomino, Tonight We Dine In Havenshire, and Death’s Challenge. To continue all of these quests must be finished.

Getting your horse should be first on the agenda. This is an impressive quest that takes advantage of the new “phasing” technology so we’ll start with Grand Theft Palomino. It’s time to jack us a horse (luckily no hot wiring is needed). To get started go over to the nearby horse stables and jack one when Kitrik is far away. Just right click it and you’ll hop on. Ride it back to Salanar (you have a gallop ability if something aggros you) and then press “one”. Many claim this is the new Mankirk’s Wife, but it’s not THAT bad. Just use the ability on your hot bar to return it in front of Salanar.

He’ll go have the horse killed for you (yep this will be a trend) and give you the quest Into the Realm of Shadows. You’ll “phase” into the shadow realm as soon as you accept the quest and will just need to walk down the path and slay a Dark Rider. Then right click the horse and ride up to the camp. Use the ability to return to the normal realm, turn in the quest, bam you have a Death Charger!

Now that we have a horse it’s time to finish up all the side quests so we can move on. Next up is Tonight We Dine in Havenshire. While you complete this feel free to kill any peasants about. Yeah, if you’re wondering, this is a reference to the movie 300. Moving on, the quest is simple. All about the fields there are arrows in the ground. Get 15 of them. Easy!

Havenshire Arrows

Here we have a screenshot of the arrows. There are plenty inside of the farm, but they're guarded by the Scarlet Farm Hound. If the area is busy it can get annoying, so be on watch for them. They're not tough, but your arrow might get ganked while you're fighting.

Death’s Challenge is one that you’ll complete in town (and may explain why you are constantly getting duel requests). A simple quest: defeat five initiates or players in a duel. I suggest dueling initiates since that’ll get your quest done faster (and they’re super easy to kill). Just talk to them and ask to duel. They’ll go agro and just mop up the floor with them. If you fight players then be ready for the chance that you could lose.

Finally, Abandoned Mail is a simple one. There is a quest marker near a mailbox close to the stables. Go there for a little bit of free XP, a letter for some lore, and the ability to use a mail box real quick.

Let’s move onto the real meat and potatoes of the storyline. If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold the Reins is a quest that really defines who you are a Death Knight. You’ll need to kill ten Scarlet Crusaders and ten Citizens of Havenshire. Peasants, Medics, Infantryman, and Captains are valid Crusaders if you were wondering. They’re all around the front of the camp. Slay them all! As you kill the citizens you’ll often get messages from the Lich King telling you to give into your hatred. I highly suggest you do it. I wouldn’t want to make the leader of the Scourge angry at me.

Havenshire Arrows

"I think I pooped..." is about right! You just got "pwned" by the Lich King. Next time you'll pay your protection money... I mean, if you notice the text is rich with emotion. It really shows how your actions are affecting the area.

Well that concludes part one of the starting quests. There are two more parts and the guide is just getting started!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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