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What follows is a multi-part quest that, upon completion, will grant
you access to the Deathfist Citadel in northeast Zek. The main quest is
called "Operation Green Hood," but a second quest is initiated halfway
through called "Into the Vallon Foundry" that must be completed to
continue working on "Operation Green Hood."

Speak first to Shadow on the Zek docks to begin the quest.  He
will send you to "A Green Hood Trap Master" located at 210, 198 due
east of the docks gate.  You will need to sidestep the aggro or
simply get invis to locate this NPC behind a shed near the destroyed
orcish tower.  This NPC wants you to kill orcs until you have four
pieces of a map.  Any orcs are fine, but to make it easy on
yourself kill the lvl 30 solo ones near the gate.  When you have
the four updates (you'll have to kill 10 or so to get the four pieces),
head back to Shadow.

Shadow wants you to speak to the Glademaster, located at the Greenhood
camp far to the north (337, -465).  Go there, you can outrun the
aggro if you don't want to fight, just remember to sprint to avoid the
chance you'll be stunned if your 25-33ish.  The Glademaster wants
you to kill 6 Vallon Grunts, 2 Vallon Loaders, 4 Vallon Builders, and
Gurk Strongarm.  These mobs are located at or around the logging
camp at 585, -325.  The bug has been fixed, these mobs are now
attackable all the time.  Gurk will pop inside the mill.

Return to the Glademaster once you've done the deed, and its time for a
mandatory side-quest, "Into the Vallon Foundry."  This is a
sub-quest to the Operation Green Hood (Deathfist Citadel access) quest.

Journey to the mines at 362, -114 (centerish of the map).  Locate
the three smelting pots at the end of the corridors, a 34ish group
protects each pot.  Click the pots for an update.  Next kill
Vallon Miners in the mine until you've gathered the 4 mining pick

Next, the toughest part.  Travel up the ramp from the base of the
mine to find the proximity-pop named mob Nixam Dugdiggle, a level 32-40
(his level appears to be randomized).  You'll have to take on him
and an evil-eye buddy, and you'll most likely need a group.  With
Nixam's death, you'll complete "Into the Vallon Foundry" and can
continue "Operation Greenhood."

Head to the eastern side of Zek to talk to the NPC Tusk in the Orc
Stockade (-208, -82).   Circle around the gates you come to
by climbing over the wall where it meets the hillside, otherwise you'll
spawn 4 mobs that can't easily be outrun.  Tusk wants you to
examine a chest at the top of Lookout Tower, north of where he
stands.  At the top of this spiraling rock, you'll find the chest
at -208, -82.  Click it for the update.

Almost done!  Head further nort to Deathfist Citadel (don't walk
on the bridge! you'll spawn a nasty set of mobs... walk around it on
the right side instead).  In the moat surrounding DFC, you'll find
two sewer grates at +42, -780 and +85, -755.  You'll automagically
receive DFC access, and a complimentary key that you can turn into the
Glademaster or Captain Vulis.

If you chose the Glademaster, you'll receive these options:

  • Branch of the Treefolke
    (2H Blunt, +6
    Strength   +7
    Wisdom   +5
    Intelligence   +6
    Agility   +47
    Health   +37 Power,
    delay 1.7 / damage 17-52)
  • Sureshot Bow (Ranged, class="data-statplus"> +7 Strength    class="data-statplus">+6 Wisdom    class="data-statplus">+5 Intelligence    class="data-statplus">+6 Agility    class="data-statplus">+44 Health    class="data-statplus">+41 Power, delay 7 / dmg 31-154, range:
  • The Moonlight Mace (1H
    Blunt, +5 Strength    class="data-statplus">+3 Wisdom    class="data-statplus">+4 Intelligence    class="data-statplus">+4 Agility    class="data-statplus">+24 Health    class="data-statplus">+32 Power, 2 /16-49)
  • Mammoth (2H Great Axe, class="data-statplus">+7 Wisdom    class="data-statplus">+5 Intelligence    class="data-statplus">+6 Agility    class="data-statplus">+44 Health    class="data-statplus">+40 Power, 2.5 / 26-77)

If you choose Captain Vulius (-360, -401), you'll receive these options:

  • Bloodlet Bow (Ranged, class="data-statplus">+8 Strength    class="data-statplus">+4 Wisdom    class="data-statplus">+6 Intelligence    class="data-statplus">+6 Agility    class="data-statplus">+45 Health    class="data-statplus">+40 Power, 7 /36-180, range: 37)
  • Pinecrusher (1H Blunt, class="data-statplus">+2 Strength    class="data-statplus">+5 Wisdom    class="data-statplus">+5 Intelligence    class="data-statplus">+4 Agility    class="data-statplus">+28 Health    class="data-statplus">+28 Power, 2 / 16-49)
  • Staff of Kyrtoxx (2H
    Blunt, +6 Strength    class="data-statplus">+5 Wisdom    class="data-statplus">+7 Intelligence    class="data-statplus">+6 Agility    class="data-statplus">+43 Health    class="data-statplus">+42 Power, 2.2 / 23-68)
  • Stonepine Blade (1H
    Slashing, +7
    Strength   +7
    Wisdom   +2
    Intelligence   +2
    Agility   +25
    Health   +25 Power,
    1.7 / 12-36)
  • Tree Bane (2H Great
    Axe, +6 Strength    class="data-statplus">+7 Wisdom    class="data-statplus">+5 Intelligence    class="data-statplus">+6 Agility    class="data-statplus">+42 Health    class="data-statplus">+42 Power, 2.7 / 28-83)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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