You Could Name This Toon "Orkin"

One engrossing thing about Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) is
imagining all of the possible ways to build a fun character. That's why
we've dedicated an entire week to DDO Builds. Darkgolem starts off with
a very special build designed to deal with many of the non-humanoid
enemies DDO has to offer. It can be a niche build, but it is still a
functional fighter in its own right.

immunity to sleep, hold, slow, poison, disease and energy, the
Destroyer of Horrors (DoH) is largely immune to the special effects of
oozes, aberrations, and giant vermin...Since many of the horrors that
plague the dark places of Xen’drick come in numbers, the DoH has many
attacks, with Two Weapon Fighting, Cleave and Great Cleave. Stunning
Blow is not effective against all of the types of beasts that the DoH
fights, but it is against one of the most dangerous foes the destroyer
faces: the beholder.

Read href="">Destroyer
of Horrors to see the
full build!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016