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Dire Maul East


The eastern wing is currently home to Alzzian the Wildshaper, a very evil Satyr who enjoys corrupting plants. The eastern wing is overrun with wild plantlife along with other evils such as demons, sorcerers, and other Satyrs.

This side of Dire Maul is accessible through a tunnel on the eastern side of the Dire Maul courtyard. No key is required to enter and is the “primary instance”, meaning it has the majority of quests and is designed for a group around level 57. It’s considerably the easiest wing for a full group of level sixties and as such contains the “worst loot”. The loot though, is still very good being mostly of Superior quality items.

Overall it will take a group of well equipped adventurers little under an hour to completely clear this side, while lesser equipped groups will have a harder time and could take as long as an hour and a half to two hours. Pusillin will add considerable time to you adventure and isn’t necessary. However, many groups enter the eastern wing just for him, to gain the key for convenience.

Dire Maul East Walkthrough

When you enter you will find yourself at the top of a courtyard. This courtyard provides the entrance to the inner section of this side at the bottom. There are several ways to handle it, but for now concentrate on getting your entire group inside of the instance and buffed. There are two entrances of course, the main one (east of the main Dire Maul courtyard) and a tunnel entrance that is southward. The tunnel entrance brings you to ontop of a door that leads to Hydrospawn and other bosses. You can skip the entire courtyard by carefully jumping down. The main entrance leads you to Pusillin and a path to clear around the courtyard to slay him and continue on the proper way. This guide follows a complete clear, which covers Pusillin. If you don’t want to kill Pusillin then go through the tunnel entrance and jump straight down (being very careful), skipping a forth of the instance.

Pusillin will be waiting for you at the entrance and will want you to follow him, since every time you try to converse with him he runs! Here is the fun part, each time you catch up with him he will run some more. So here is how you do Pusillin. You basically click on him at the start and watch him run. He’ll start off by going southward along the walkway. Fight all of the enemies in your path until you arrive at Pusillin. He’ll eventually head east and north again, just continue this. As for the enemies you fight, they are really nothing at all to a decently leveled group. Just concentrate on taking one by one down or for larger groups just AoE them. Plants are hard to crowd control, but they should still be no problem even in groups of three.

He’ll eventually take you through a corridor where he’ll eventually stop running. When you get here and speak with him he’ll begin fighting you. That’s not very cool! Anyway, defeat him since he’s a level fifty seven elite. Should be a very easy battle. When finished you’ll be able to claim the Crescent Key as yours The Crescent Key will allow you to enter the Library, DM West, and DM North whenever you want. If you’re a Rogue with 300 lockpicking then you shouldn’t worry too much about getting one as you can lockpick the doors.

When you’re finished with Pusillin you can either exit and turn the quest in or continue on. In my experience it’s always best to keep on going since groups will quickly fold in with too much time outside of the instance. Anyway, backtrack until you find a path (more of a tunnel) in the southern wall.

You’ll find some pretty tough stealthed Satyrs through this tunnel, so be careful anytime you pull some enemies. Outside of the tunnel you’ll see a ramp heading up into a room. Head up there and you’ll find Lethtendris, a Warlock with an Imp. This fight can be quite easy if you have proper healing. Just focus on Lethtendris and take her down. There is a “book” on the floor next to her sometimes which has a chance to contain any of the many Dire Maul books (but generally contains sellable trash). Head back down the ramp when Lethtendris is slayed.

Here is where things get a little bit harder. There is basically a lot of plants and Satyr’s in this area, along with two additional bosses. You’ll need to clear to a pool on this floor where Hydrospawn is located (left some from the ramp). Hydrospawn is a very difficult boss for some groups due to his special abilities. Before you battle him make sure you are fully buffed and your mana/health is all in proper order.

Hydrospawn needs to be fought with the entire parties back to the wall. (The wall next to his pool works fine). Why? Well he knocks you back and this can sometimes lead you into a patrol or group of other enemies. So it’s best to just simply fight him with your back against the wall. Now here’s the tricky part, you need to kill his adds quickly before they keep your healer(s) constantly knocked back. They can be banished or simply AoE’d down real fast. Outside of that he’s an easy encounter.

After Hydrospawn is killed it’s time to head for Zevrim Thornhoof. He’s a little north of Hydrospawn. He’s got this neat ability where he’ll “sacrifice” someone on the altar. He will “leech” a lot of health from them, healing himself and killing your ally. A long time ago when people were mostly in Uncommon (green) gear this ability was devastating, however, there are a few secrets to defeating it. One is to interrupt him (Counterspell, Kick, etc.) when he does it and the other is to just simply kill him very fast. It shouldn’t be that hard.

After Zevrim’s slayed all that is left to take out the main star of this instance, Alzzin the Wildshaper. Head to the southwest corner of this room and out into the courtyard, but be careful! There are more difficult fights up ahead, but you should be working together well enough to handle them. There is a tree called Ironbark who you will need to speak with to bust open the northern door that leads to the boss.

There is a pathway that goes to the boss that is filled with various enemies. They should be no problem to handle. Continue down the path until you reach the boss. He’s got no special abilities, although the room you fight him in is rather cool. When he’s defeated a large wave of enemies will spawn which can be dealt with by AoE. When finished, collect the loot and the Felvine seed (for a quest). Then head out, you’re done here

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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