Dire Maul (Northern Wing)

Dire Maul North


Dire Maul’s northern wing is currently under control by the Gordok Orges. It’s the second hardest wing and provides two ways to progress through the dungeon. One is a tribute run where you avoid as many bosses as possible in order to obtain a tribute chest in the end. The other is to just slay whatever is in your path and move forward through the instance.

The northern wing of Dire Maul is accessible directly north of the arena inside of the main courtyard. The northern section contains a quick entrance to the library which connects the northern and western wings together. You’ll need a crescent key (or 300 lockpicking) to enter the northern entrance and the library. As a reminder, only one person needs to lockpick/unlock any door. Once a door is unlocked all members of the party can go through it, except for the outer door which resets to locked when closed. You’ll have to have someone stand outside (near a lantern on the wall) to trigger the door open for them (or just unlock it).

It’ll take about an hour and a half for a full run and about an hour for a tribute run with a well geared party. An undergeared party may take as long as two hours while a very well geared party may take as little as half an hour.

Tribute Run Requirements

For those of you looking to do a complete tribute run you’ll need the following reagents:

1 Frost Oil
1 Thorium Widget
4 Bolt of Runecloth
8 Rugged Leather
2 Rune Thread

You’ll also need some Orge Tannin which is obtained inside of the instance. For an easy, complete tribute run I would highly suggest bringing a Rogue with 300 lockpicking or an Engineer/Blacksmith with their top tier door blasting/unlocking items (at least 2).

Shortcut to the Library (Solo)

Many people seek the Dire Maul Library to turn in quests and obtain various items. There is a trick to get to the library with just one person. It’s a very simple process. Start by entering Dire Maul North and taking all of your gear off (for insurance). Watch for guards patrolling through the first main path and when it’s clear head for the stairway going down. While standing at the top of the stairwell try to do a running jump up on the stair railing. It’ll take a few tries so don’t get discouraged. You need to, while running down the stairs, give a good jump up on it. Once you are on it follow the rail around to the entrance to the library. Be careful here! When you are at the door then jump down and unlock it. You can now enter the library! There is no way to 100% safely except the library though, so be warned ahead of time!

This only works for level sixties. Those below level sixty can still do it but they require stealth or invisibility potions.

Dire Maul North Walkthrough

Unlike many of the instances, Dire Maul North has one path that you can follow. Along the path there is only one real enemy to watch out for which is the Eye of Kilrogg. Take it out quickly whenever you seen one!

When you enter you should begin by heading eastward following the path around the wall. When you get to the northern side of the wall you’ll notice a small pathway that leads down into the center courtyard and where Guard Mol’dar is located. If you wish to do a tribute run then simply skip him and lock pick the upcoming door. If you are doing a normal run then slay him. There is no challenge or special abilities involve in the fight. If you are doing a tribute run and return to him, he’ll offer a quest.

When you’ve passed Guard Mol’dar you’ll find nearby to the west a certain drunk orge known as Stomper Kreeg. Once again, if you are doing a tribute run simply avoid him. If you are doing a normal run then slay him! He’s a little difficult because he makes everyone who hits him drunk. The difficulty isn’t so much from his attacks but from the liquor! The party will most then likely make hilarious jokes about how drunk they are. If you are doing a tribute run and return to him he will sell you booze and the reagents from Goblin Rocket Fuel.

Now continue on to the west where you’ll see a ramp. Here things are little tricky as there is a patrol. If you pull both a group of orges and the patrol then you will probably wipe, so be careful when you pull. A Priest can Mind Control one of the orges to make these orge packs easier. As you continue head north and then west following the northern wall until you reach a door.

This door leads into the inner section. It has a key that is located on a pedestal south of this door. For a tribute run this can spell trouble because the key is inside of Guard Fengus’s patrol (he patrols around the center area and up to the door). You can have a Rouge or Druid attempt to stealth and pick it up or you can have a Rogue/Blacksmith/Engineer pick/unlock/blow up the door. Non-tribute runs can simply kill Guard Fengus here and pick up the key.

If you aggro Guard Fengus and are on a tribute run not all is lost. You can still run out of the instance if you are quick and have someone snare him.

When you enter the door (by using the key, lockpicking it, using a Blacksmith’s key, or blowing it up with an Engineer) you’ll be in an inside area. This area is rather straightforward but has much harder enemies then the ones outside. The Eye of Kilrogg also patrols around here which can wipe your group if you don’t slay it fast enough (or at least slow your progress down considerably.

The only boss inside of this area is Guard Slip’kik (boy these orges have the most awesome names) and he’s on the bottom floor patrolling wall to wall. Here is where you Thorium Widget and Frost Oil come in hand if you are doing a tribute run. Clear around the trap on the floor (it’s a little west of the chained up Goblin). When you’ve cleared it out (watching for Guard Slip’kik) then go up and right click the trap. It’ll consume your Thorium Widget and Frost Oil. Now all you need to is way for him to patrol over the trap and victory is yours! If you are doing a non-tribute run then just simply slay Guard Slip’kik, like all of the bosses here he has no special abilities that are noteworthy.

Once Guard Slip’kik is either frozen or slain you can speak to the Goblin locked up in the chains. If you have the key to open his chains then he’ll offer you his chest which contains superior & rare quality crafting recipes. He’ll also give you the quest to make the Gordok Orge Suit. You’ll need the Orge Tannin (for a tribute run) which is located on the second floor of the inner part of this instance. It’s up against the wall so you’ll have to clear to it. When you loot the Orge Tannin some orges will attack so be on your guard!

When you’ve exited the inner part of the instance (there will be a door that requires a key from the first guard, lockpicking, etc.) you’ll be in a hallway facing Captain Kromcrush.  If you are doing a non-tribute then charge and slay him, he’s a little tougher then the other bosses but should still be no problem. If you are doing a tribute run then have someone use the Gordok Orgue Suit then have them talk to him. He’ll run back to the start of the instance in a hurry (he won’t be aggroable) and you can proceed without killing him.

The path to the final boss contains some dogs which should be slayed. Some groups only clear the patrols and one side of them while others clear all of them. It’s best to take out as many as possible. You’ll eventually arrive to the location where King Gordok resides.

King Gordok has a few abilities but nothing that you should be concerned about. Just tank and kill him. However, he does have a friend call Cho’Rush the Observer. If you are doing a tribute run then have whoever is your best offtank (Paladin, Shaman, Druid) drag him far away from King Gordok and keep him busy (but alive). On a non-tribute run simply focus all of your DPS against him (while having the King properly tanked) since he will heal the king when he’s in range.

After you’ve slayed King Gordok you’ll have an orge spawn and proclaim you the king. As king all of the remaining enemies turn friendly and a “tribute chest” will spawn. The quality of the loot inside depends entirely on how many bosses are left alive. The loot inside the chest is almost always better then what the bosses would have dropped, but at the same time it’s more effort skipping bosses then just outright slaying them.

You can backtrack and talk to any bosses left alive. They will either give you various buffs (15% Stamina, 200 Attack Power, 3% critical strike chance with spells) or sell you booze (the drunk) or give you a quest.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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