The Dominance Offensive is a Horde only faction that was added to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria as of Patch 5.1. This faction is all about helping the Horde gain the upper hand against the Alliance in Pandaria. The Alliance have a mirror image faction called Operation: Shieldwall.

In the time since first entering Pandaria the Horde have been massing thier forces and has now launched the invasion in full force. You now have a new set of quests to deal with and a new reputation grind starts as the Horde offensive lands.

Starting the Dominance Offensive Quest Chain

To start earning reputation with the Dominance Offensive faction you will need to make your way to the Krasarang Wilds to complete the Meet the Scout mission that you will automatically be given when you reach level 90. There you will find scout and get to watch as Garrosh Hellscream makes landfall.

Once you have seen Garrosh arrive it is time to work though a chain of quests that explains the Dominance Offensive and then leads you to the dailies. You will need to complete The Might of the Warchief and Domination Point before you will get to see the base called Domination Point, actually built and gain access to a new flight point that will appear there. You will also be given a quest to go to the Dagger in the Dark scenario which is related to Domination Point and the Offensinve, but does not tie in with the actual quest line other than sending you there.

width="550" alt="Dominance Point Wyvern">

Once you are done the starting chain of quests, several daily quests will open up to you that are located around the zone. There are several different sets that are randomly chosen from each day.

From this point ou you will work on daily quests and only get additional parts of the Dominance Offensive quest chain once you have reached certain amounts of reputation with the faction. These extra story line quests become available once you reach friendly, just before you reach honored, at three points in honoerd, and several times in revered. Make sure you keep checkign back at Dominance Point for additional quests.

Dominance Offensive Daily Quests

Once you completed the initial quest chain for the Dominance Offensive you will gain access to several different groups of daily quests. There are four different areas that these quests happen in around the Krasarang Wilds. One group of the four is randomly selected each day. Each site has 5 different daily quests to be completed.

Dominance Point - This set of quests take place right on your doorstep, and include: Another Once Bites the Dust, All Dead All Dead, Death on Two Legs, Flash! Aaaaahhhh!, and Tear it Up.

Ruins of Ogudei - This set of quests take place in the north east corner of the zone and include several different quests that can be randomly chosen for you.

Bilgewater Beach - You will find this beach just outside of Dominance Point. It has several different quests here, but you will only be given five each day that this site is randomly chosen.

Lion's Landing - This set of quests take place at the far east end of the zone where the Alliance has made their base. The quests here include: Good Luck Have Fun, Hero Killer, Sentry Wards, We Require More Minerals!, and Worker Harassment.

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width="600" alt="Dominance Offensive map">

This map shows where the quest hubs are for all of the dailies for the Dominance Offensive

Dominance Offensive Reputation Rewards

With all the work that is required to earn repuation with the Dominance Offensive, I am sure that you are wondering what is in it for you. Luckily Garrosh Hellscream has authorized some really great items to be given out as an incentive to make helping the Horde worth your time and effort.

As soon as you can access the quartermaster for the Dominance Offensive faction you will be able to purchase a blue quality ilevel 458 trinket which could help out some players. Being only an ilevel 458 item it can be replaced from an instance or raid pretty quickly, but for fresh level 90's it is a great trinket to start out with. This is especially true for players that do not want to spend the huge amounts of gold for a Darkmoon Faire trinket.

Once you reach Honored with the Dominance Offensive there are some even better rewards, especially for players that do not spend time raiding. They are even great for players that do raid but only participate in the LFR versions. This is because once you are Honored you will be able to purchase ilevel 496 epic rings. There are several different versions available so that tanks, healers, caster DPS, and melee DPS all have options available to them.

width="350" alt="Dominance Point ring">

Once you manage to hit Revered there are even better items available including one that is generally hard to get for most players, a trinket. In addition to great trinket options there are also belts and boots that are available, all of which are ilevel 496. This again makes this a great faction to focus on if you are not a raider.

Lastly at exalted you earn the ability to purchase a grand armored Wyvern to show off the fact that you spent the time and effort to become exalted with this faction.

Earning Reputation Faster

There are a few ways to gain reputation faster than normal with factions in Pandaria that can help you save time in the game.

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Earn Reputation in half the time!

The first way to gain reputation faster requires you to be working on reputation with any secondary characters that you have (or a primary that is at least revered). Once one character gets to revered with a faction you gain the ability to purchase an item from them called a Grand Commendation. This item allows you to earn double reputation with that faction on this and all other characters that you have. It is an awesome speed boost to earning rep, and one that you should make sure you grab as soon as you hit revered with each faction. It cuts that last 21,000 reputation required to get to Exalted down to half. The fact that it speeds up all other characters sure doesn't hurt either.

The second way to earn reputation faster is to champion a faction while running LFG dungeon runs and scenarios each day. This feature was added into the game with Patch 5.2. This feature is especially handy if you have gotten sick of doing dailies for various factions. You can select a faction to champion and you will get 200 reputation with them for the first scenario you complete each day and 300 reputation with them for the first LFG random dungeon that you run each day. Over time this 500 points each day really adds up. If you team this up with a character that already has a Grand Commendation, it means you can get from revered to exalted in 10 days just with scenario and dungeon runs. Not to shabby.

width="600" alt="operation shieldwall ring">
You can tell which reputation you will earn in scenarios and dungeons by which star is filled in, and which factions you are earning double reputation with by the bars that have the arrows on them.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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