Draco Mortuus Vos Liberatio

This quest requires you have completed the Thulian language quest in Feerott.   You must also be a level 60ish crafter (yes it can be done lower with extreme difficulty) First you must speak with Sinephobis on Fear Tainted Island.  He's all the way in the back behind about 25 very angry creatures.   You are asked to find dragon bones in Bonemire.   Sounds simple enough, but of course this dragon exploded at 10,000 feet so the bones are scattered all over the islands.  The bones will spawn in multiple places but they are all within sight of each other.  

Dragon Skull:  Isle of the Ravasect (868, 221)

Dragon Tail: Carcotoxic Stain in multiple locations but ball park (416, -579)

Set of Dragon Ribs: Halls of Fate (241, -32)

Set of Dragon Limbs: Drednever Crashsite multiple locations all near (300, 700)

Set of Dragon Wings: Shattered Weir Isle multiple locations all near (-725, 400)

After collecting the bones, you need to guess what? Collect more stuff. A blue-silver sheet (rare from ore), Perfect Osseus Lumber (rare lumber), Perfectly Cut Purple Geode (Rare mined), Strip of supple leather (rare trapped). You can buy these off of the broker or trade them and still get credit. They sell for reasonably cheap and it is worth saving the time!

When you get all four, head to the Sanctum of the Scaleborn near the Hall of Rites (-110, -30) and attempt your level 60 combine Phylactery. For those not high level enough in crafting, you can commission the job as well.

After this is completed, it's time to kill Do'Ellin the Young. He's a 67^^^ heroic who will spawn on Ravasect Isle near the waterfall. He has a nasty AE knockback so position yourself appropriately (I jumped in the water and kept my back to the cliff). When he is down to about 10% health he'll de-aggro and then you can use the Phylactery on the subdued version of this mob. Return to Sinephobis.

After returning to Sinephobis you will be given six minutes to place three rods. One on Bixie Isle, one on Gazer Isle, and one on Fear Tainted Isle. This portion of the quest is constantly bugged! The best way to get it to work is to immediately place the rod on Fear Tainted Islt, fly to Bixie Isle and place it near the center of the isle, then go back to Gazer Isle and place it on or around the mound of rocks at the mouth of the U-shaped ruins. Returning to Sinephobis after completing that step will spawn an undead dragon version of Do'Ellin. Kill him (remember the knock back so back to the wall again!) to get your Bone Clap Girdle.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016