Druid Epic Flying Form Guide

Druids are a unique class, so much that they get a unique epic flying form once they reach level 70 and fulfill a few requirements. Your requirements to begin the Epic Flying Form Questline are as follows:

- Level 70

- 300 Riding Skill (5000 Gold from Shadowmoon Valley)

Epic Flying Form Questline

Quest 1 - Morthis Winterspring

This quest can be initiated by talking to any Druid class trainer once you've paid 5000 gold to have Artisan Riding Skill. It will send you to go talk to Morthis Winterspring in the Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh.

Quest 2 - The Ward of Wakening

Morthis will inform you that you must awaken Clintar Dreamwalker by preparing a potion, so he will have you go obtain a few ingredients so he may make it for you.

The items you will need are as follows:

10 Bogblossoms, you may harvest them from ontop of the Mushrooms in Zangarmarsh, but be careful, for they can blast you high up in the air should you get too close! You may avoid damage by shifting to Flying Form if you do get thrown up.

10 Ancient Lichen (Obtained from the Auction House or within some of the Burning Crusade Instances, must be a Herbalist)

10 Dreaming Glory (Obtained from the Auction House, or around Outland)

Once you're done, return back to Morthis.

Quest 3 - Waking the Sleeper

You must now travel to Moonglade and go to the Stormrage Barrow Dens, within at the very bottom, you will find Clintar Dreamwalker. Use the Ward of Waking to wake him up.

Quest 4 - No Mere Dream

You will need to protect Clintar as he walks around and gives you the relics you need, it is recommended you use Rejuvenation on Clintar and not let him get attacked much by the monsters, as he is rather weak.

Once you have completed your quest, you will receive 250 Cenarion Expedition reputation and be sent back.

Quest 5 - Return to Morthis Winterspring

You may now use your Hearthstone and head back to talk to Morthis Winterspring, giving him the Relics you recovered.

Quest 6 - To the Evergrove

Morthis will send you to Evergrove in Blade's Edge Mountains to seek out Arthorn Windsong.

Quest 7 - The Book of the Raven

Arthorn will ask you to go to the Vortex Pinnacle (Ogri'la Area) and obtain an Aether Ray Eye from the Aether Rays around. Once you've killed enough and obtained the Aether Ray Eye, combine both and find the spirit Sai'kkal the Elder. He will be roaming near Ogri'la, from south to east usually. After you've talked to him, head back to Arthorn.

Quest 8 - Eyes in the Sky

Arthorn will send you to talk to Watcher Elaira in Nagrand. She is at (20, 35) near the Twilight Ridge, at the very westernmost part of the map. A small trek flying north from Forge Camp: Hate.

Quest 9 - To Catch a Sparrowhawk

Elaira will ask you to retrieve a Wild Sparrowhawk with a Net she will provide you - they're nearby in the Twilight Ridge. Use Cyclone on one of them then net them. Easy as pie!

Quest 10 - The Raven Stones

Elaira will give you a Sparrowhawk whistle, and ask you to use it in Skettis at Terokkar Forest to obtain the fragments of the book you're assembling. You will need 8 Raven Stones to complete this part. Head back to Arthorn in Blade's Edge once you're done.

Quest 11 - The Eagle's Essence

You are sent to free the Essences of the 3 animals enslaved by the Ravens. The first one is South of Lake Jorune and West of Stonebreaker Hold in Terokkar Forest. You will see a Bird-like Statue near the village. Right click it to summon the enemy. Bear-form is recommended - what you will do is toss a Heal overtime on yourself and go Bearform, use Demoralizing Shout, and solely attack the Bird enemy, not his adds which will keep spawning. Focusing the Bird down will kill all the adds and complete your Quest.

Use your whistle to call Arthorn near you and get the next Quest.

Quest 12 - The Falcon's Essence

You will be sent to Lake Ere'noru, Northwest of Skettis. As before, summon the monster by right clicking the statue. This time, use your catform and wear it down as fast as possible. If you need to, Maim and head out to Heal some, however, his Shadowbolts will keep damaging you worse and worse. Use your damage trinkets if you have them to make this quick.

Once you're done, use your whistle to call Arthorn near you and get the final Essence Quest

Quest 13 - The Hawk's Essence

You will be sent to the island known as Sorrow Wing Point near Auchindoun, to the southern side. You may only reach this island by Flying Mount. Initiate the battle, and this time, do not shapeshift, use roots, wrath and moonfire to take this guy down. Remember to abolish poisons and such on yourself since he will use them as often as a Hunter would.

Use your whistle for the last time, and turn in your quest. You will receive a 10% Flight Speed Increase Trinket from this quest, as well.

Quest 14 - Return to Cenarion Refuge

This one is simple, just go back to the Cenarion Refuge and turn in Arthorn's package to Morthis Winterspring.

Quest 15 - Chasing the Moonstone

Anzu is a powerful enemy, and you can't face him just yet, so Morthis will ask you to go to Azshara and obtain a Moonstone, on the Cliffs near the river's surface. As you try to loot it, a goblin will come and steal your Moonstone! so you must chase it as fast as you can. Use catform to avoid taking fatal damage from jumping down, and then Aquatic Form to give chase to the Goblin, who will use bombs to try and deter you from chasing.

Once you catch him, it's back to Outlands!

Quest 16 - Vanquish the Raven God

You must now go to Heroic Sethekk Halls and clear up to the room before the Final Boss of the Instance, then use your Moonstone in order to summon Anzu, the Raven God, and defeat him.

Anzu Fight


Spell Bomb - Anzu will target a random player and use this curse on them, making their mana lower by 2000 and take 1000 damage everytime they cast a spell. Wait until this wears off or have a mage decurse.

Cyclone of Feathers - Cyclones a random player except the tank. Can be disabled or interruped as it's casting.

Paralyzing Screech - 6 Second AOE stun on the whole group, can't be interrupted.


This is your typical tank and spank endeavor, however, the 3 NPCs you helped will appear in the fight as well. As the druid, if you use Rejuvenation or Regrowth on them (even level 1 will do) they will help you in the battle.

As Anzu reaches 66% and 33%, he will Banish himself and spawn enemies that must be AoE'd down. If you have the spirits active, they will make these phases easier. Anzu will unbanish when a minute has passed or when all his Bird spawns are dead.


Anzu drops standard heroic loot, aside from the possibility of a Rare Giant Raven Steed. Reins of the Raven Lord.

Once you have completed your quest, you will be given a Moonstone so you may resummon Anzu anytime you run Heroic Sethekk Halls, as well as your ability to use your Epic Flying Skill!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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