Below is a list of Druid Trainers, and the areas they are in. They have been separated into Horde, Alliance and weapon trainers. As with every otehr class, all the trainers are found in the World of Azeroth, you can not find trainers in the Outlands.



Trainer Name! Trainer Location!
  • Denatharion
  • Cenarion Enclave – Darnassus
    Fylerian Nightwing Cenarion Enclave – Darnassus
    Mathrengyl Bearwalker Cenarion Enclave – Darnassus
    Mardant Strongoak - Shadowglen
    Kal Dolanaar - Teldrassil
    Golhine the Hooded Talonbranch Glade - Felwood
    Maldryn The Park - Stormwind
    Sheldras Moontree The Park - Stormwind
    Theridran The Park - Stormwind


    Trainer Name! Trainer Location!
    Sheal Runetotem Elder Rise - Thunder Bluff
    Turak Runetotem Elder Rise - Thunder Bluff
    Kym Wildmane Elder Rise - Thunder Bluff
    Gart Mistrunner

    Camp Narache - Red Cloud Mesa

    Gennia Runetotem Bloodhoof Village - Mulgore
    Jannos Lighthoof Camp Mojache - Feralas
    Loganaar Nighthaven - Moonglade

    Weapons Master

    At the beginning druids have the dagger or one handed maces, staff, and unarmed combat skills, meaning they can only use staves, daggers and one handed maces. They can however use other weapons, like fist weapons, and two hand maces they just need to be trained in that skill by a weapons master.

    There are weapons masters in each major city (Stormwind, IronForge, Darnassus, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Undercity) . Be aware they don't teach all skills, although they do let you know the weapons masters that do.

    In order to find a weapons master, just ask any guard in the city you're in. The location will be highlighted on your map. Once you have found that weapons master ion that city, if they don't teach the skills you want to learn, ask them about other weapons masters. They will give the locations and skills available to be learned from each weapons master, in the other cities.

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    Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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