This week's network-wide feature covers the question of "who let the dogs out?" More specifically, the question to be addressed by each site in detail is "if you could change one thing about this game, what would it be?" Or alternatively for games not yet released, "what do you not want to see?" Details and reasonings provided too, of course. If you agree, help spread the idea - get results from community action!

Instancing. Can it be overdone? I say yes, and I'll explain why.

It is the new hot thing that many new MMOGs are picking up on and touting as a feature that will make their game great and remove problems associated with old-styled games.
But, many, along with myself, feel that some games have taken it too far despite the advantages that it provides. The beloved feel of a coherent world was destroyed, and the persistence of an environment no longer exists. The separation of too many people into their own little worlds causes the community to potentially feel isolated and segmented.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016