A TenTonHammer.com network-wide feature on the common gaming issue of "griefing," this issue is addressed by each site for their respective games! Find out if it is severe enough to be a concern to you, learn what to expect and how to combat it, and see what the developers or community has done or will do to deal with it.

For Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, does it exist? Well, the game isn't even out yet! Are the possible vectors for griefing being tested and explored in the alpha right now? No significant reports on that right now, either. However, the nature of utilizing the concept of instancing for parties and quests should reduce the severity of griefing that might happen. To be more specific, instancing makes it such that a old-fashioned MMOG environment is not present. An old-fashion MMOG environment is generally regarded as one that has large persistent towns, over world, and dungeons. This type of situation allows for the potential for people to do the following: loot, kill steal, stalk, harass, and more. There were often ways that others could interfere with what you wanted to get done, and usually you had to either attempt to ignore, or call for a GM to moderate and resolve the situation. However, instancing implies that you only enter a quest or venture out with the party that you are a part of, and each party gets their own instance of a world! DDO promises an immersive experience that requires the skill and teamwork of a party to be able to succeed in their adventures. What if people don't want to go along with this? Let's look at some potential methods of griefing, and also potential solutions.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016