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Keeping true to the Tolkien lore is something the Developer's at Turbine do very well. The Epic Quest line allows the player to be part of the Lord of the Ring saga as they fight the untold battles of Middle Earth. While the Fellowship sets out for Mordor, the Epic Quest lines of LOTRO allows us to experience our own adventure as we fight the good fight to push back the enemies and allow the fellowship to advance in their journey.

Foreword: Aiding the Order
Quest Level: 26

Epic Book two begins with Gandalf the Grey in the Inn of the Prancing Pony. After the completion of Book One, Gandalf will suggest that you seek out an

acquaintance of his by the name of Radagast the Brown. He can be found in the center of the Lone Lands in the city of Ost Gurath. To reach the Lone Lands

head out of Bree’s south gate and follow the road to the east. It is a pretty long run so prepare for a lengthy trip.

Once you enter the Lone lands there is small outpost known as the Forsaken Inn that you can stop by for quest or a break. Continue down the road east.

When you get around the middle of your map start to head north and you will see the city of Ost Gurath. Radagast the Brown is in a building near the back.

Speak with him to complete Foreword: Aiding the Order and acquire Book Two: Chapter One.

Chapter One: The Red Swamp
Quest Level: 26

Radagast wants you to collect some moss from Haragmar swamp. Leave Ost Gurath and head east out of the gate. The red swamp is

just down the hill beside the city. Look near the water and on the hills in the swamp for the piles of moss to collect. Be wary, in some cases

digging through those piles will alert enemies. Once you have collected the items return to Radagast and speak with him to complete chapter one.

Chapter Two: The Bloated Dead
Quest Level: 27

Radagast is concerned with the presence of Wight’s in the area. He will ask you to deal with them. Head back to Haragmar and slay the Wight’s roaming the swamp. After you eradicate them, return to Radagast. Speak with him again to end chapter two.

Chapter Three: Breeders of the Dead
Quest Level: 28

Radagast wants to know who these foul undead serve. He sends you again to Haragmar. On the eastern border of the swamp you will find some old ruins infested with the undead spirits. Seek out the Elite undead in the area called Gaunt Lord’s. They carry the item for this task called a Sigil. This chapter is a bit of a challenge so it would be a good idea to bring friends along as the Gaunt Lords are a tough battle and each one usually has at least one summoned servants with them and are around level 30 Elites. After you collect the Sigil’s, return to Radagast to complete chapter three.

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Fixed Items

Red Stone

Selectable Items

Boots of the Ruin-hold

Greataxe of the Brown Wizard

Chapter Four: The Stone Speaker
Quest Level: 28

Radagast will send you to speak with Aric the Scholar in Harloeg swamp. To reach him leave Ost Gurath and head south east. Once you reach the swamp head as far south as you can go and there will be two sets of ruins. The westernmost ruins will contain Wight’s, but just beside that ruin a bit to the east is a second smaller set of ruins. Go to these and you will find Aric the Scholar hard at work. Speak with him to end chapter four.

Chapter Five: A Dead Man’s Challenge
Quest Level: 28

Aric will tell you to speak with a shade nearby named Emelin. Gather your allies and speak with the shade. He is located in the small stone structure just

behind Aric. When you speak with Emelin he will test you to see if you’re worth helping by having a couple of his friends try and rough you up a little. Once

you defeat the two enemies he sends at you, speak with Emelin again to finish chapter five.

Chapter Six: In the Gaunt-Lord’s Grasp
Quest Level: 28

Now that you have proven yourself, Emelin is willing to help you, as soon as you do something for him. (There’s always a catch.) Emelin wants you to kill

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the Wight Lord Brudhraw. Remember those ruins just east we ignored earlier? That’s where you are going. Gather your allies and head to the west and fight your

way into the ruins. Not to far in you will see a lifted platform accessible by stairs. Head up there and you will see Brudhraw. Don’t worry about the ghost

around him they won’t help. The fight isn't to hard with a fellowship and Brudhraw will go down pretty quick.

Once you have defeated Brudhraw the ghost in the area will be freed and they are none to happy about being kept there. They will fly from the area and

attack the Wight’s within the ruins as they leave. If nothing else it’s pretty amusing to watch. Return to Emelin to complete chapter six.


Shimmering Ring

Brudhraw's Fall

Chapter Seven: History of the Red Maid
Quest Level: 29

Now that you have helped Emelin he has vowed to help you when the time comes. Don’t worry its coming. Return to Radagast and speak with him to end

chapter seven.

Chapter Eight: The Red Pass
Quest Level: 29

Radagast wants you to track down Elsa and Eriac. Gather a group of your allies and when you are ready speak with Radagast to enter the instance of Agamaur.

Once you enter and are ready, speak with Radagast. Escort him through the area as he frees animals they will join him. There will be many elite enemies to

fight along the way in the form of Wight’s, trees, and other creatures. Keep Radaghast alive or you will fail the quest and be kicked out of the instance. After a short trek in, you will meet a shade named Dannasen. Radagast will leave you

for a moment while you carry out a task for Dannasen.

Your task will be to slay a mini boss Wight. Continue along the path until you reach a small alter. Sitting on the throne is your target. He comes

with a few allies so be ready for group combat. The best strategy here is to kill his adds first and then focus your attacks on him. Once you have defeated the evil wight, Dannasen and his ghostly friends will be free to help you in the coming task. Return to Dannasen to begin the next phase.

When you return Radagast will rejoin you and he will lead you deeper into the area. Escort and protect him along the way. You will encounter several

more Wights’ that must be dealt with, but Dannasen and his ghost army will appear to lend aid in fending off the army of undead before you. While Dannasen and his allies hold off the Wights, Radagast will lead you up a stairway and across a platform where Elsa has set up a

small safe spot for your group to rest.Take this time to rest and regain your party to full strength for the coming battle. Once you are prepared to continue speak with Radagast again. The final push is at hand. Follow Radagast down into

the murky waters below. You will face a pretty tough challenge here in the form of several Fearsome Murkwaters. These are shades that come in two waves of three.

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The key to defeating them is making sure the tank keeps aggro and your group assist him. Splitting these creatures up can cause a disasterous end to this expedition. Focus your attacks and bring them down quickly while your tank holds aggro and you should be fine.

Once you have defeated these creatures you will get a look at their master Ivar The Bloodhand. Radagast will take care of this one. Once Ivar flees from the power of Radagast the Brown, speak with the wizard again to complete the instance and leave. Speak with Radagast upon leaving the instance again to complete chapter 8.

Chapter 9: Agamaur Secured
Quest Level: 29

Radagast will ask you to deliver Elsa’s pack to Hana in Ost Gurath. She is located just outside the building near Radagast. Hana will ask you to speak

with Frideric. He is located close to the entrance of Ost Gurath just inside the gate. Speak with him to obtain your reward and complete book two.


The Scavenger's Lot

Ring of the Eglain


Scale Boots of the Eglain

Bracelet of the Eglain

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