Beware of mammoths.

Never forget the old favorites! Everfrost is one of the best zones for mid-level adventuring, whether you are an EQ2 vet with alts that need some playtime or are just tasting this level of play for the first time. Take some time to visit this amazing winter wonderland, and take our newly revamped Everfrost Zone Guide with you!

This icy wilderness is the former home of the Halasians, also known as Barbarians. It is now inhabited by wild creatures and dangerous Giants and Valkyries who make their home in the swirling snow and jagged glaciers. Although not a huge zone, Everfrost makes up for size with peril. Getting into either the beach area or up the tunnel requires a swim through cold, shark-infested waters. Most newer to this zone opt for the beach, where nothing will attack (but be wary of the sharks and ESPECIALLY Dreadwake, a level 42 ^^^ X2 raid mob.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016