Sadly, clothies will have to be left out in the rain for a while longer.

With all the changes happening in the EQ2 overland zones, (including mob location changes and heroic mob removals) there have been alterations to some of our favorite quest lines such as the Level 20 Armor Quests. These quests have long been a staple of young character progression, and they have finally been made just a little bit easier and completely doable for just about everyone!

Kicking off the guide updates is the Freeport side Armor Quests for the chain and plate wearers, ready to walk you through each quest!

These series of quests provide great experience, and nice armor for nothing more than a little effort and maybe a few friends. The quests are meant to be done in legs, progressing as you wish to. I've know some that pound out all six quests within days, and others that work on them over weeks or months! Either way, you find that these quests are very worth your time and effort to complete, and the armor will last you through many levels.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016