Newbie Resource Guide

We all know it is tough getting started in a new game, so to make that transition a little bit easier, Ten Ton Hammer has compiled a Newbie Resource Guide. This guide is a quick and easy way to find the things that you, a new or returning player, will need to find your way in game and around our EQ2 Community Site.

After you've chosen your race, you choose your starting city. For neutral races, you can either start in the Freeport of Qeynos, but what isn't clear during character creation, is that which city you choose determines what classes you may choose. Because of this, you might want to research classes ahead of time, otherwise you'll be flipping back and forth during character creation trying to figure it all out. These class guides will also help you further down the road with class progressions, so keep that link handy.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016