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General Questions

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The Universe

Classes and Races

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PvP Gameplay


Ships and Ship Equipment


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Is the tutorial really necessary to get started?

Yes.  In fact, that really should be a HECK YES!  EVE
is not your everyday, run of the mill MMO and every new player will want
to run through the tutorial at least once.

Q: Where do I find bad guys to kill?

 Starting out, you can find bad guys by just doing the
missions that you're given.  You can also head out and roam for
pirates in moderately secure systems.  Just keep an eye out for
clusters of red + icons that indicate enemy ships.

They move so fast, how do I get

 Trying to hover over a flying ship and right click
to target can be troublesome, particularly with smaller and faster enemy
ships.  You can also hit your weapon hotkey and then click to
target which can be faster.  You'll find more tricks as you play
more and it'll get easier.

Why do I sometimes not do damage when shooting
at a locked target?

Your weapons won't hit every time, but if you find
yourself missing a lot then you need to check the range on your weapons
and ensure that you are keeping the appropriate distance away from your
target.  You may have to adjust how far or close you are, then
right click on your target and choose to either orbit or stay at the
specified distance

How do I know what I can kill and what I

A: If you are a solo new player, stick with the smaller red +
enemy ships.  The bigger the ship, the bigger the + icon and the
more difficult they are to kill.

Q: What
do I do if I need to run away?

If you find yourself overwhelmed by enemy fire and have a
powerful need to not die, then your best option is to warp out.  It
helps to have a place you can quickly warp to and early on you can just
warp to a stargate or station while you gather your wits enough to head
back in and try again!  Later, you may want to have bookmarks
prepared to warp to with your ship aligned into a get away position so
you don't have to turn before warping out.  This is particularly
helpful with bigger ships.

Do enemy ships drop loot and how do I get it?

Yes they do and since you can sell loot, you want it! 
After you've destroyed a ship, approach the wreckage.  Once you are
close enough you can right click on the wreckage and open the cargo then
drag and drop it into your own cargohold.  Take it back to the
station and drop it into your items where you can either store it, use
it, or right click on the item to sell it.

After looting a ship I get the
message that I'm carrying contraband, what does this mean?

 There are items in your that you can pick up that
will be considered "contraband" by some factions.  If these are in
your cargohold you'll get a message letting you know.  Until you
know what to do with it, don't carry it around with you.  Some of
it is just junk, particularly if it came from newbie missions, that can
just be tossed or jettisoned.  If you have been caught by security
with contraband, give it up to the official and don't jettison it.

What happens when my ship blows up?

It is bound to happen.  Repeatedly.  Once
your shield, armor, and structure have all gone red, your ship will be
destroyed and you'll be left floating in space in a little metal egg
called your "pod".  If this happens, make haste back to a station
and re-ship.  You should expect to lose ships here and there and
it's nice to have an extra on hand with fittings.  The more
expensive your ship, the more you'll want to protect your investment
with insurance that can be bought at the stations.  If you are a
new player, the newbie ship is already insured for you and you'll get a
new one!

What is pod death?

A: Your cherished ship is destroyed and you are floating
through space in your pod thinking "How can this possibly get any
worse?" then along comes someone who pew, pew pews you into a special
nightmare called "pod death".  When you are killed in your pod, you
are revived at your clone and for those who don't remember to keep up
your clones, this means that you can lose skill points.  Which
leads us into the next FAQ...

Q: Do I
really need to clone?

Yes.  Get into the habit of updating your clone as you
gain in skills.  As a young player this isn't too terribly
important as you don't have much to lose, but if you are spending time
and ISK building your skills you really want to protect that investment.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016