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General Questions

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The Universe

Classes and Races

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PvP Gameplay

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Ships and Ship Equipment


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What are missions in EVE Online?

Missions are basically what they are in other games, quests that
earn you a reward of some sort.  In EVE Online missions are jobs
that will get you ISK (in game currency), loot, and other perks.

Q: Do I have to do missions?

 No.  If you choose not to run missions, you don't
really have to but they are very useful for quick money and something to

Where do I get missions from?

 Missions come from Agents who can be found in
Spacestations all over New Eden.  When docked you can see what
Agents are available to you under the station information "Agents" tab.

What kinds of missions are there?

There are several different kinds of missions:
  • Kill Missions - You are paid to find and destroy NPC enemy ship(s).
  • Courier Missions - You are asked to deliver or retrieve cargo.
  • Trade Missions - You are sent to buy or produce something for the Agent
  • Mining Missions - Missions involving the delivery or obtaining of minerals and ore
  • Storyline Missions - These come up in intervals. They are regular missions but they greatly effect
    your faction and should be done properly and promptly.
  • Cosmos Missions - Rare missions that have to be sought out but offer good rewards and faction standing.

What happens if I decline a mission from
an agent?

A: Nothing if you only do it occasionally.  You will lose
standing if you reject more than one mission per four hours.

Q: What happens if I fail to complete a mission?

You will lose standing with that agent which will make them
less likely to offer you work in the future.  It is important that
if you accept a mission that you do your best to complete it.  Even
if you don't get it done in time to receive the bonus, remember to go
back and complete it before time runs out!

I have a kill mission but I can't find the
pirates that I'm
looking for?

Kill missions generally take you into deadspace which
requires that you use an acceleration gate to get to and sometimes more
than one acceleration gate.  Think of these as instanced areas
specifically spawned for your quest.  The gate acts as a zoning
"door" that takes you to your mission instance.  If you cannot find
your pirates then be sure you've used the acceleration gate and have
read your mission information carefully!

I completed my mission but the
agent won't let me turn it in, why?

 This happens most often when you've accidentally
missed a small step in the mission.  Sometimes when you are sent to
kill pirates you might have been asked to loot something from them or
were asked to make a delivery to another location.  Check your
mission instructions carefully before contacting in game help.

How does faction standing effect missions?

Low faction standing (standing less than -2.0) with
an agent, corporation, or faction will hinder your ability to get
missions from those sources.  An even worse standing (-5.0) will
make you kill on sight with that faction.  Mind your faction
standings so you don't end up in a situation where you are limited in
travel and agent resources in areas where you wish to be.

How do I earn bonus ISK?

A: Missions often award a bonus for completing them quickly. 
Check your mission information to see how much time you have to get it
done in order to earn the bonus.  These are worth earning since
they can be a significant amount of ISK!

Q: My
mission says that I have to complete it within a certain amount of time,
does this mean in game time?

EVE Online tends to do everything in real time.  If your
mission says you have 7 days to complete it, they mean 7 real life Earth
days.  Even if you are logged out, that time still ticks on by.

Q: What
are Loyalty Points and what do I do with them?

Loyalty Points are a reward of running missions.  These
will be awarded to you when you do a good job and are available to spend
at the station's LP store.  There are a wide range of items you can
buy so once you've stored up enough LPs, stop by the store and see what
you can use!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016