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General Questions

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The Universe

Classes and Races

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PvP Gameplay

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Ships and Ship Equipment


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Is EVE Online a PvP game?

Yes.  The entire game does not revolve around PvP but it is
definitely a very big part of everyday life in New Eden.

Q: Why would I want to PvP?

 Most people PvP for the excitement and additional
dimension of gameplay that it affords.  There is also a lot of
notoriety and wealth to be gained that only comes from dominating other
players.  If you find NPC killing to be boring, then PvP gameplay
is certainly something you should check out!

Do I have to PvP if I want to play

 No!  The great thing about EVE Online is really
you can do whatever you want to do in game.  If you prefer hunting
NPC pirates or spending time mining then you can do it without ever
having to turn a gun on a fellow player.

Does EVE have open PvP or do they use PvP

PvP can happen anywhere in game and no one is
ever 100% safe.  PvP happens more often in low security systems so
players won't incur the wrath of CONCORD, but always keep your eyes open
no matter where you go!

Are new players at risk of getting

A: Not really, but anything is possible.  As long as new
players stick with high security systems, then they should be okay.

Q: When
I'm ready to PvP where do I find the action?

Low security systems!  You don't want to attack anyone
where CONCORD will come down on you because changes are you won't
survive the beating.  If you are looking to cause some trouble,
head out into space and you'll likely find some.

What is low security space and how do I know if I'm
in it?

CONCORD protects certain systems making these systems safer
from those who might want to kill you and take your stuff.  Good
security systems will have a security rating of 0.5 - 1.0.  Low
security systems have a rating of 0.4 - 0.1.  These places might
have security around gates and such but you're more or less on your own
in open space.  No security systems have a rating of 0.0.  Go
there if you are looking for a fight.

To see the security rating of the system you're in, you can
check your current location overview.  To see the ratings of other
systems, hover over the system in your map.

Are there features in place to
keep other players from griefing?

 Yes.  There are consequences if players attack the
wrong person in the wrong place.  First, each player is given a
security rating and this effects where you are allowed to go unfettered. 
Players who prove to be a bit more reckless will often find themselves
unwelcome in civilized systems.  Second, kill rights are given to a
player who has had their ship destroyed by another player.  You are
pretty much handed the right to hunt them down and get revenge without

Are some races better at PvP than others?

This is a very tough topic to tackle.  Each race
has its pros and its cons and how well any given race PvPs depends far
more on skill builds.  Remember that each race will have innate
abilities that some find desirable.  Gallente, for example, are
able to use drones which many like to use for PvP combat and the
Minmatar tend to have longer range weapons.  It will all depend on
what you are comfortable with or what appeals to you.  Visit
race guide
for a little guidance.

Do I have to have a big ship to be good
at PvP?

A: Well it doesn't hurt to have more power, but there are also
advantages to having small, well equipped ships as well.  Very
small ships tend to be pretty flimsy so if you are aiming to PvP in
them, be sure to take several friends.  Moderate sized ships aren't
as deadly as bigger ships, but they are a bit more maneuverable which is
definitely an asset.  A band of smaller ships can take down big
ships, so never think that you have to have a huge ship in order to PvP

Q: Can I
solo PvP?

You can, but I wouldn't recommend it until you first have
ships you can afford to lose and have a ship setup that affords you
plenty of fire power and protection.  It is generally better to
band together with friends if you'd like to hunt.

Q: What do I do if I'm attacked
and don't want to engage

Run to a safe spot.  If you are out in low security
space, warping to a gate or a bookmarked position is your best course of


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016