Fittings are the way you dress up your ship in EVE Online but staring for hours at the fitting window is not the way to get your ship made up right! Like many new players, you probably would like to upgrade but really don't know where to start which is right where Ten Ton Hammer comes in! We can't tell you exactly what to fit, but we can certainly show you how with our Fitting Basics Guide. This guide will give you the knowledge to get your ship fitted properly and back out into space pew pewing the bad guys.

If you are browsing the marketplace then you have a reference available to allows you to quickly browse through an item type, such as medium auto-cannons as in our example, that show as red or green icons on the marketplace window. If any one of the icons (skill, power load, and CPU load are represented) is red then you cannot use the item with your current ship.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016