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icy wilderness is the former home of the Halasians, also known as Barbarians. It
is now inhabited by wild creatures and dangerous Giants and Valkyries who make
their home in the swirling snow and jagged glaciers.  Although not a huge
zone, Everfrost makes up for size with peril. Getting into either the beach area
or up the tunnel requires a swim through cold, shark-infested waters. Most newer
to this zone opt for the beach, where nothing will attack (but be wary of the
sharks and ESPECIALLY Dreadwake, a level 42 ^^^ X2 raid mob.


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Everfrost is not really usable until the early 40s. While there are a couple
of level 40-42 mobs at the very beginning, the bulk of the lower end mobs are
around level 45.


Connecting Zones

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Everfrost is linked to the world of Norrath
through the Thundering Steppes docks.
Everfrost, you will find:

  • href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=708">Permafrost
    - A 40-60 group dungeon.

  • The Forbidden Sepulcher - A level 40 solo zone.

  • Icespire Summit - heroic instance with epic x2 in zone.

  • The Menagerie - heroic instance.


Travel in Everfrost

If you are new to the zone, especially if you are below level 45 or
cannot make yourself invisible, be very very careful to watch for the
mobs.  You will have to swim to get to any areas in this zone, and the
sharks are waiting.  If you first head toward the beach (north by
northwest) do watch for signs of Dreadwake, a raid level shark.  Once you
land on the beach, take stock of your surroundings. The Bitterwinds won't attack
you but some wolves will.  Note that the Bitterwind Explorers fight wolves
along the path.  As you travel northeast along the path you find more of
these mobs, until you arrive where there are wolf packs. There the path climbs
up into an open area where there are ice lizards, sheep, more wolves, and
Frosthorn minotaurs.  Further on there are also Valkyries. Many mobs in
this maze of ice formations will attack on sight. And a lot of the mobs
throughout Everfrost are heroic.

If  you swim east of the dock to the wall you will find a tunnel that
leads to a small chamber and a trail up the ice.  The chamber contains an
NPC named Daelic Coldbrow, who gives out a great weapon quest. In the water you
may find the named mob Undertow, an octopus, lurking. He is a 44 ^^ and not
soloable for this level 50 Paladin.  Go up the ice path and you will find
aggro immediately from the Ice Fright skeleton mobs which wander along
there.  Past the entryway to the long ice tunnel you also will see Glacial
Constructs, heroic aggro ^^ mobs some of whom wander a bit. 

At the far end of the ice tunnel are two Glacial Constructs who guard the
entrance to Miragul's Menagerie instanced zone.  About 2/3 of the way along
the tunnel is a narrow passage up out of the tunnel and out into the open snow
fields.  There you will find dangerous Numbfoot troglodyte mobs and snow
leopards, as well as stags. If you move to the right along the wall you will
find the Tree Root, which is surrounded by mobs most times. Also a very
dangerous raid mob, the Seraph of the Stags, spawns here. He can spawn any time
as the Numbfoots kill the stags and can trigger him also.  He  is
level 47 ^^^ and has a nasty AoE. Be on your guard.  

Now go northward to the spider tunnel. There are both aggro and nonaggro mobs
in there; it is simple enough to run through. But on the other side is the open
ice field filled with more dangerous mobs.  These include glacier bears,
valkyries of the Galebreaker version, tundra terrors, giants, and
tempests.  The back right corner of this field is home to perhaps the MOST
DIFFICULT raid mob in the game.  This is Kra'Thuk, a level 57 ^^^ x4 terror
with tempest companions.  Also in the area wanders Iceberg and the Ghost of
Tundra Jack (remember them from EQ?)  They are a handful for a good full
group but avoid adds. 

To the northwest is the giant tunnel. It is filled with single giant mobs and
leads to the open cliff where you can find the door to Permafrost.  There
is a down slope path by the wall just past the Permafrost door, and it leads
down to the water.  The ice islands and their surroundings are the
trickiest place in Everfrost. No way to ride a mount  and you must swim to
get away from unintended aggro.  Plus the water contains sharks and frigid
turbulences, both aggro and both heroic.  On the islands are Icegill
goblins and glacier bears and giants.  One northern island contains the NPC
Krindal, mentioned in part one.  From this area you have to return the way
you came or enter Permafrost. In fact, Permafrost is a good escape hatch from
bad aggro. But don't wander too far inside....

Grouping in Everfrost

Now that there is no longer a quest to enter this zone early, anyone can come
have a look. But beware. Mobs here are mostly in the level 41-48 range, and many
are heroic. Since you HAVE to swim to get to anywhere you can fight, it is a
good idea to have swimming skills maxed, and to have water breathing if
possible.  The beach area is the starter area for this zone, with only a
few aggro wolves and many nonaggro human and barbarian mobs wandering about. Use
caution when pulling the barbarian mobs. They are all casters. This area is
suitable for the adventurous soloist who is familiarizing self with the

Up that path there is an area with wolf packs. Beyond that it opens out into
an area with lots of heroic mobs of various animal types. There are weird ice
formations making it hard to get a clear view of all the surroundings. Tread
here with caution.  Many mobs are on top of the formations and will see you
before you see them.  Stay along the wall with a group and you can pull
heroics all day and get some good exp that way. Watch for wolf adds. 

Your group will find the tunnel path to be much more varied and a much bigger
area, but more dangerous. There are more aggro mobs on this side, and more of
them.  A solo player at level 45 might solo the spiders, stags, glacier
bears if they are skilled and do not get adds.  The heroic mobs are
excellent experience for the group and there are many quests available in this
zone.  The heroic leopards are much easier to fight than the heroic
Numbfoot hunters. The leopards are 45^^ or 46^^, and the Numbfoots are 47 normal
groups or heroic 47^^ singles.  The giants in the giant tunnel as well as
the glacier bears are soloable if your level is sufficient.  Your group may
even be ready to head to Permafrost to try out the mobs there once you are
around level 45 or so.  Level 45+ groups can also take on the Icegill
goblins and the heroic giants, as well as the underwater mobs in the ice floe
sea there at the north end of Everfrost.  Just remember that running to
escape mobs is difficult in this part of the zone. 


Notable Quests

Everfrost is the home of the much-sought-after Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch,
which is the reward for completing the href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=496&meid=145">Eye
For Power quest. This is the only Heritage quest involving Everfrost.

There are other quests in this zone which dispense decent rewards also. 
Remember that NPC I mentioned earlier, Daelic Coldbrow?  He gives a quest
for a very nice weapon or totem of your choice among 4 kinds, useable at level
43, which involves only finding bones and depositing them at the Tree
Root.  Daelic is the ghost in the tunnel at location -420, -21, +38. The
quest is called Daelic's Bones and is worth getting.  You must have some
sort of water breathing spell or activateable item, or Hadden's Earring, to do
this quest as the bones are at the bottom of the sea.  Watch the

There is an island west of the dock which is near the tradeskill island. At
location +120, -17.5, +145.7 you can find 5 gravestones which give quests you
will need to complete. When you do, and return, the ghost Karg Icebear will
spawn and grant you access to Icespire Summit.  The zone requires 3-6
players to enter and contains some mini-bosses and a 44 ^^^ x2 mob.

Look for a box on the docks which when examined gives a quest called Needle
and Thread. It requires you to kill 2 glacier bears, 2 ice wolves, and 12
northern stags.  For this small effort the loot is excellent:  the
Northern Stag Eye Necklace, wearable at  level 44.

In the spider caves there is a scroll sitting against a wall at location
-292.9, -2.08, -447.36 which opens the quest A Search For Shards. Kill Frozen
Tempests in the area north of the spider tunnel to obtain 4 shards, and obtain
the one hand sword Icen Guard Langseax, equippable at level 39.


If you have any questions, corrections, or additions for this guide,
please let me know!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016