Fae Rite of Passage Guide

Guide by: Savanja


As a baby Fae you'll definitely want to learn more of your heritage, and more of the lovely city of Kelethin. A great way to go about this is to do the Fae Rite of Passage Quests that are found in Kelethin. This will give you a bit of starter gear, some coin, experience, and at the end, some great faction for Kelethin. These quests are very similar to the racial quests in Qeynos or Freeport.


The series of quests is started with Lady Katri Eloranta, the Fae Rite of Passage Advisor. She wants to teach you of your heritage. She is found in Kelethin near
the Old Kelethin Acorn Lift. She sends you out on a whirl wind of tasks where you will visit various places and meet lots of different people!


Beginning the Fae Rite of Passage (Level 8) - Lady sends you to learn of defense at the library. Once you get there, you'll be attacked!
Kill the attacker then hail Bark, the defense trainer. He'll snap at ya, then send you back
to Lady Katri. Reward: Experience and coin.


A Lesson in History (Level 8) - Lady Katri sends you to learn a little bit of history. Speak
with Lyyti Eloranta, the merchant found northwest of the Kelethin bank. After a short chat,
she sends you to speak with the Banker Athinae. He then sends you to speak with Raimo.
Raimo wanders between Jysolin's Pub and the bank. I found him right on the bridge.

Raimo sends you to the Green Knoll to remove diseased treants. The Green Knoll is just down
the ramp from Kelethin (loc: +482, +68, +96), Once you've done this, return to Lady Katri.
Reward: Experience and your choice of two chain armor pieces.


A Ring of Fate (Level 8) - Lady Katri wants you to help keep the infection from spreading.
Destroy various diseased mobs on the Green Knoll. Reward: Experience and coin.


Rumors of the Grender (Level 8) - Lady Katri needs for you to speak with Kalamar Vesinger, found
inside of Joleena's Restaurant. Kalamar sends you to visit areas around Greater Faydark;
Granite Hills off of the Granite Hills lift (loc: +151, +93, +439), Opal Pond found directly
west of the Tree (loc: +174, +2, +80), Aquamarine Pond found on the far western side of
Greater Faydark (loc: +497, -1, +204), and Tunare's Sapling Alcove which is right along the
tree down in the water. Once you've visited all the locations, return to Kalamar.

You are now sent to look for other signs of the Grender. You need to check the tree stump
under Kelethin for totems. The totems are found around the largest tree stump under
Kelethin (loc: +253, +42, +335). You're then told to find a carving in the stump, that's
found mid way up the stump where the fence is (loc +335, +45, +352). You'll need to kill
the Grender Guardian, then return to Kalamar, who then send you back to Lady Katri.
Katri will reward you now for all your hard work! Reward: Experience, Lady Katri's
Bracelet, and your choice of neck, head, or weapon piece.


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The Spoils of Victory

The End of the Grender (Level 9) - Katri sends you off on one more mission. First speak with
Jalmari Keletana, I found him wandering right there were Katri is. The go speak with Hamnal
who is found wandering near Joleena's Restaurant.

Then speak with Eleoona Faleisinae, she is located near the Granite Hills Acorn lift.

Finally, you must speak with Lady Milika Vikaarinen in he Fae Royal Hall, which is near the
Fae Royal Court. Once you speak to her of the Grender, you must turn and ask the Queen
for permission to hunt him, then off you go a killin!

The Grender's Lair is in the tree stump where you found the Grender Guardian. This is an
instanced zone that scales from level 8-10. You'll need to clean up a few trash mobs
on the way in, then the Grender is a single up solo mob.

Return to Queen Amree, then to Lady Katri. Reward: Experience, Kelethin faction, and your
choice of 3 cloaks.


Welcome to Faedom! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016