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At level 13, Speak to Kanos X'Aphon in North Freeport near the entrance
to Thieves' Way. He'll send you to speak with Tundis N'Oxyle, in
the extreme western Commonlands just outside the entrance to Fallen
(+1490, -38,-390).  Kill Sandstone Giants in the nearby valley
until you collect 5 stones.  Speak to Tundis again, who sends you
back to Kanos in NF (bring a group).  Kanos sends you to an
instanced zone("The Thexian Meeting").  The first few mobs
shouldn't present achallenge, but the lvl 14. boss is grouped with two
henchmen. Talk to Kanos, who spawns nearby when you've finished,
for access to Fallen Gate and a choice of +WIS rewards.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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