Fallout 4’s Magazines are hard to find and often in easy to miss out in the open locations. Going out of your way to find them is good for two reasons. One, they increase stats and the effects of certain perks, and two, its Fallout are you truly 100% done if you haven’t collected every single piece of scrap on the map? To make it a little easier on yourself, here's a complete list of the magazines in Fallout 4 and their locations.


Each issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales has a different perk. Some players have reported that the perks they received for a certain magazine were different than another’s, but if you collect them all you will have the same perks as anyone else who did so as well (the 14 perks are all the same scattered randomly across the magazines).

Some of the perks are increase damage to certain types of enemies, increased resistances to certain enemies, and even increased health regeneration.

  1. Outpost Zimonja – On top of the workshop bench.
  2. Skylanes Flight 1981 – Inside the restroom.
  3. Boston Mayoral Shelter - Bottom floor bedroom on a table.
  4. Dunwich Borers – At the bottom of the pit on a table below terminal 3.
  5. East Boston Preparatory School - On the top floor inside the computer room on a desk.
  6. Crater of Atom – Central metal structure on the top floor.
  7. Sentinel Site – At the end of the tunnels inside the metal shack with a view.
  8. Coast Guard Pier – Inside a locked cell by the secured storage area.
  9. The Institute – On the balcony through Holdren’s room on a table.
  10. Trinity Plaza – On a lectern beside a steamer trunk.
  11. Hubris Comics - Top floor inside the Star washroom.
  12. Pickman Gallery – By the steamer trunk in the room where you meet Pickman.
  13. Old North Church – Rail Road Head Quarters on a desk inside the brick crypt area.
  14. Park Street Station (Vault 114) – In the main living quarters area on a container.

Grognak the Barbarian

Increases unarmed and melee attacks by 5% for each magazine found.

  1. Sanctuary Hills – Your original home before the war on the kitchen table.
  2. Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup - Small office at the east end of the warehouse on a desk.
  3. Malden Middle School (Vault 75) – Overseers Office on the bed.
  4. Corvega Assembly Plant – Metal catwalk hut on the top floor on a table.
  5. Vault 81 - Reward for completing the quest: Short Stories in the Classroom.
  6. Museum of Witchcraft – In the Dungeon room on the table.
  7. Hyde Park – Inside the raider camp to the south on the roof.
  8. Back Street Apparel – Upper floor apartment on a table.
  9. Boston Common – Area with the shops by one of the skeletons.
  10. Andrew Street Station – Comic Book Guy’s apartment on the bed.

U.S. Covert Operations Manual

Increases your sneak stat for every magazine collected.

  1. USAF Satellite Station Olivia – On a desk inside the secured computer room.
  2. Lexington – Main office on the second floor on a desk with a terminal.
  3. National Guard Training Yard – Barracks Cafeteria table.
  4. Revere Satellite Array – Inside the shack on the satellite with no bowl.
  5. Federal Ration Stockpile – Red Tourette’s base on the large table.
  6. Fort Hagen Command Center – Inside the kitchen on a table.
  7. Libertalia – Main ship on top of a red chair.
  8. Fort Strong – General Brock’s desk.
  9. Abandoned Shack (Federal Survival Center) – On top of the computer banks.
  10. USS Constitution – Captain’s cabin on the side table.

Guns and Bullets

Increases ballistic weapon critical damage for every magazine found.

  1. Fort Hagen – Top floor kitchen on a table.
  2. Rook Family House – Barneys Bunker on a metal desk.
  3. South Boston Military Checkpoint – Metal desk in the shack.
  4. Gunners Plaza – Top floor southern offices on a coffee table.
  5. Quincy Ruins – Inside the shack with the terminal in the Elevated Freeway Gunners Camp.
  6. Cambridge Police Station – Inside the safe in the Police Chief’s office.
  7. Fraternal Post 115 – In the staging area with the sand bags.
  8. Ticonderoga Safe House – Upper floor, northern office on a desk.
  9. The BADTFL Regional Office - On a desk in the Chief’s office.
  10. The Castle – Radio man’s desk.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

Lowers the prices of vendor goods for each magazine you collect.

  1. Walden Pond - Inside the cave that the pipe leads to.
  2. Mystic Pines – Building along the west wall next to the television.
  3. Super Duper Mart – North West magazine stand.
  4. Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery - In the catwalk shack inside the main cannery room on top of a table.
  5. Big John’s Salvage – Inside the caravan on top of the table.
  6. Wreck of the FMS Northern Star – Upper deck on the table with the umbrella.
  7. Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant – Basement locker area on a wooden bench.
  8. Gwinnett Brewery – Inside the catwalk shack along the wall.


Each issue of Live & Love gives a different perk like increased companion damage and persuasion bonuses. Some players have reported that which one you get for each magazine is randomized.

  1. Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estates – Inside the caravan trailer.
  2. Revere Beach Station - Upper floor promenade by the cooking utilities.
  3. WRVR Broadcast Station – Table near the main recording desk.
  4. College Square – Station entrance in a safe behind the main counter.
  5. Bunker Hill - Located on top of the monument.
  6. Diamond City Schoolhouse – Schoolhouse bedroom on the main floor.
  7. Faneuil Hall – In the attic on a table.
  8. Third Rail - washroom on top of one of the toilets.
  9. Hotel Rexford – Bar counter in the Hotel Rexford lobby.

Massachusetts Surgery

Increase the amount of limb damage down to your targets by 2% for every magazine collected.

  1. Parsons State Insane Asylum – Lower floor in Lorenzo’s room.
  2. Medford Memorial Hospital - Second floor filing room.
  3. Med-Tek Research - On the bottom floor of the basement, on the main lab table.
  4. Greater Mass Blood Clinic – Lab Analyst’s office on top of a desk.
  5. Sandy Coves Convalescent Home – Near the reception area behind one of the security doors.
  6. Cambridge Polymer Labs – Inside the desk in the Directors office.
  7. Greenetech Genetics – Inside the northern most room with the two red sofas (on the table in between the two).
  8. Boston Public Library – Must be purchased from the overdue book terminal with 50 tokens.
  9. Cabot House – Inside the upper floor bedroom on a desk.

Tesla Science

Each issue of this magazine increases the critical damage of your energy weapons by 5%.

  1. Arcjet Systems – In the CEOS office beside his computer.
  2. Mahkra Fishpacking - Ground floor in the North East corner.
  3. Reeb Marina – Inside the warehouse kitchen on a wooden bench.
  4. Rocky Cave (Virgil’s Laboratory) – Beside Virgil’s terminal on top of the refrigerator.
  5. Poseidon Energy – Inside the central metal catwalk hut on a metal desk.
  6. HalluciGen, Inc – On the ground floor inside the weapons testing lab.
  7. Mass Fusion Building – Inside the Mezzanine on top of the computer banks.
  8. General Atomics Factory – In the front most upper level office on a metal desk.
  9. University Point – On the upper floor inside the northern most room with the computers.

Tumblers Today

Each issue of Tumblers Today gives a bonus to your lock picking skill.

  1. Malden Center – Inside one of the last Cargo Carriages in the raider camp.
  2. Poseidon Energy Turbine #18-F – Inside the control room to the west.
  3. Easy City Downs – On the southwest side of the racetrack inside the announcers booth on a chest.
  4. West Roxbury Station – Inside an open locker in the eastern maintenance area.
  5. Fens Street Sewer – On top of the metal filing cabinets where the cells are located.


Unstoppable magazines give the same perk which is a permanent bonus of 1% (accumulative) increased chance of dodging incoming damage.

  1. Westing Estate - In the run down shack near the stream.
  2. Shaw High School - The main library room on the main floor.
  3. Suffolk County Charter School - Inside the Library on the upper floor.
  4. Hubris Comics - Shop counter.
  5. D.B. Technical High School - Inside the pool room in the basement.

Wasteland Survival Guide

The Wasteland Survival Guides offer a different perk for each that some have reported as being randomized between the magazines (the same pool of perks, but which one you get for each magazine will be different for everyone).

  1. Ranger Cabin - On sideboard table.
  2. Gorski Cabin - In underground bunker by the terminal, on metal desk.
  3. Sunshine Tidings Co-op - In the locked cabin next to the silos, on the floor.
  4. Crater House - On the west side of the crater inside the lower level of the elevated shack.
  5. Nahant Oceanological Society - On a table in the first room you enter.
  6. Egret Tours Marina - Located on the main counter.
  7. Wreck of the USS Riptide - Underneath the bridge on a metal table.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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