The Miniseries Comes to a Close

Today we complete the miniseries Prelude to Glory with a final revelation about the events that took place before Ralsu Vejes came to Stormreach. Today's story recounts Ralsu's affair with young Aruthra Jess, niece of Nealgig. What really happened in Aru's inn?

“I understand you have a pack animal that used to belong to Nealgig Jess,” she addressed him.

Ralsu moved his left hand from his mug of milk under the table to rest at his waistline. The unchewed bit of ham in his mouth was both greasy and salty. He discreetly moved aside his brown vest to reach for his—Bah! He’d left his dagger in his room.

Read Prelude to Glory III to find out!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016