A lot of players are heading for level 100 and wondering what now? Well, prepare for raiding or PvP of course! Below find the five things you need to do when you're near or at level 100. With Warlords of Draenor, everything has changed so even if you're a true WoW hero, you'll need to at least know of the new things involved with gearing up in WoD (considering your garrison plays a huge role). These five things will set you up on the road to victory, so let's go ahead and dig in.

Get a War Mill / Dwarven Bunker ASAP (BEFORE NAGRAND)

Before you start questing in Nagrand, get this garrison building to double your chances at loot upgrades. This can score you up to ilvl 630 gear in Nagrand, based on luck, just from the quests. This is on par with normal / heroic dungeon gear. In addition, level 3 will grant you your reroll for Highmaul / world bosses (Seal of Tempered Fate) for free each week (well at least one of the three) which you're going to want for your entire career.

Consider Crafting Your Gear

If you put a level 100 follower in a building, you will make two of the resource per work order, cutting the time in half to get your item. You need 100 of the various resources to craft ilvl 630 gear, which isn't impressive, but you can upgrade it and it requires no effort. So if you're wanting the easy way to gear up, then this is the way to go. By easy I mean time consuming, but rewarding, and without the need of anyone else.

Tailoring / Blacksmithing / Leatherworking all work on the same basic principle. You just 100 of the BoP resource to create your ilvl 630 item. So be sure to put the buildings down as soon as possible and remember you have to have the profession in order to craft the upgrades (which cost 150 BoP resources each upgrade tier).

Gear Up

Speaking of gearing up, here are the current viable methods to go about it:

  1. Farm dungeons for ilvl 615 (normal) and ilvl 630 (heroics). However, heroics require 610 to enter plus silver proving grounds.
  2. Get honor gear which is lvl 620 or 675 in PvP areas, good enough to get you in the door for heroics.
  3. Level 100 rare spawns give ilvl 620, which is good enough to get you in the door for heroics.
  4. Apexis gear is ilvl 630. You get 1800 daily plus they drop from level 100 enemies. Need 3k to 5k per piece.
  5. Crafted gear is ilvl 630 but can be upgraded to 665.
  6. Quest rewards from Nagrand can roll up to 630.


GET PvP GEAR!!! ASAP. It goes to 675 in PvP areas and if you're PvPing there is literally just literally no reason not to.

Get Your Legendary Ring Quest Going

It starts in your garrison at level 98, there isn't much to it outside of running dungeons, but you get a ilvl 640 ring out of the gate and then can upgrade it to 680 by completing a host of heroics. This is going to be your big ilvl bump. Anyway, if nothing else get the quest at 98 then run Skyreach. 

Prepare Your Garrison

Start planning out how you want your garrison to run. Once you've got an idea on what buildings you want, you'll want to get them all level 3, which requires a lot of time and resources. So you want to have a really good general idea of where you want your garrison to go. A big tip for everyone out there is to get the Trading Post or Lumber Mill as soon as possible and get them to level 2 to begin farming extra resources. 

Don't forget about doing your weekly garrison invasion. You can actually group up for it, however, the party leader (garrison owner) is the one the quest will complete for. So you'll need a group willing to rotate. I would suggest two or three people would be enough, it's a nice point where you can trade helping each other to get better rewards, but also not spend all day switching between each other's garrisons.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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