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Unlike most heritage quests, this one
is fast and offers a great item (EE bag is 20-slot, 30% weight reduction)
for anyone. As usual yields some excellent status points for your guild. style=""> You must be level 32+ to get the quest from Foomby
Slopdigger (-685, -640 on south end of the Tagglefoot farm in the
Enchanted Lands).

First, kill the nearby Darkflight Faeries (south near Chomper pond)
until you find Foomby's stolen Cracked Gold Monocle. Check your quest
helper often to know if you've looted the object- it's a quest drop. style=""> Return the gold monocle to Foomby. Chomper
is next on the laundry list, it's a rare spawn in the pond at -169, -505. style=""> There's approximately a 3 hr timer on this mob. style=""> Kill him and return to Foomby.

Foomby will send you to speak with Bellendis Tempestcall (+200, -260)
in the Granary. The next step is to slay
15 Lamias in 20 minutes, though the timer will not start until you kill
thefirst. You should finish in plenty oftime, so
you might want to hold off killing the last one or two to power up. style=""> Once the last lamia dies, you have five minutes to
find and kill Baz'Tarog the Corrupter, which spawns on a nearby hilltop
at -482, -905. You'll finish with minutes to
spare if your group is on its toes.

Head back to Bellendis Tempestcall at the granary, who will send you
back to Foomby. Note that if your group
doesn't speak to Foomby all at once, he'll despawn only to reappear 10
or so minutes later.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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