by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

As you progress farther into Tabula Rasa, you'll notice not only a change in the geography, but the zones will become more and more hostile. Torden Mires is no exception and secure areas are hard to come by. While Baylor Base is the obvious choice of not only security but transportation, it requires and arduous journey across the volatile geography.

Fortunately Fort Haroun is a slightly smaller but well fortified command post just south of where you enter from Torden Incline and will provide all the necessities required to get along in the zone. Interestingly enough it will also be one of the largest mission hubs you'll find in the zone, providing a number of objectives for you to complete. Haroun can be reached by heading straight south of the Incline entrance until you see a path over a lava lake. If a Strider squashes you, you've gone too far west. This is part 2 of our mission series in this zone

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Magmonixes are Big, Dumb, and Strong

The Truth About Tahrendra - This mission begins with Mohindra in the command center of Fort Haroun around 601, 224, 344. You should prepare yourself for a pretty lengthy FedEx type quest. First he'll send you to speak with Ashwon who is just southeast of the Iapyx Control Point around 406, 222, -437. Ashwon doesn't know enough so talk to Rijii who can be at the Brann LZ at the south end of the zone inside a building near18, 238, -528. Rijii wants you to rescue and talk to Bialji who has manged to get himself captured by Bane forces. The bunker is near Bailey's Blunder and he can be found inside around -539, 240, 24 and he'll continue this dramatic story by sending you to Ehomay. Ehomay is sitting in the Tavern at Baylor Base around. She turns out to be the daughter of Mohindra (sorry but this IS a spoiler) and wants you to find his necklace and return it to him. You'll find the necklace in a box near Bailey's Blunder around -541, 216, 199. Once you have it you'll turn in to Specialist Tran who is inside the Fluxite Mines (the mission text is bugged).

Cod3 Br34king - This mission does not require the use of 1337 speak fortunately and begins with Corporal Herridge in the main room of Fort Haroun around 586, 220, 326. He wants you to find a Bane Communications Device. These fortunately have a chance on dropping off any Communications Officer in the zone. The easiest place to readily find one is Checkpoint 17 near the center of the map. This will not only update your mission but provide you a teleporter to get back quickly. Return to Herridge for your reward of 5600 credits and your choice of a Pulsar Gravitron Armor Vest, Teleract Cryogenic Leecch Gun, or Olympia Motor Assist Armor Helmet.

Bring it On Home - This mission begins with a Brann named Chakel in the main room inside Fort Haroun around 579, 224, 359. They want you to find a missing patrol and will send you to speak with Field Sergeant Kalinowski who is basically right beside you. He'll send you to find Ashwon who is also for the Truth of Tahrendra mission who is southeast of the Iapyx Control Point around 406, 222, -437. Ashwon will send you to Riiji who is oddly enough also for the Truth About Tahrendra. He is inside the teleporter building in the Brann LZ. Take the Teleporter back to Haroun and see Chakel who is satisfied and rewards you with 5600 credits and your choice of Audiodyne Bio Armor Boots, Pulsar Reflective Armor Gloves or Hellstorm Stealth Armor Gloves.

Bane Ace - This mission begins with Bhem around 739, 224, 365. The Bane Ace is apparently causing a problem for AFS forces so they want you to eliminate him. Make sure to have your Targets of Opportunity mission and head to the northwestern area of the zone near the Fluxite Mines. A named Predator called Rendobar patrols around so take him out. Return to Bhem for your reward of 5600 credits and your choice of a Vitalius Cryogenic Injector Gun, Vextronics Chaingun or Olympia Mech Armor Boots.

Quicksilver Samples- This mission begins with Domodar in the main room around 570, 224, 345. He would like you to kill 5 living Magmonixes. Sounds like cake right? Magmonixes have an ungodly number of hitpoints an can take forever to kill so bring friends. Someone recently brought to our attention that there are two different kinds and the ones without flames are easier. This has not been verified. When 5 are dead return for your reward of 5600 credits and your choice of Teleract Mech Armor Vest, Vextronics Rocket Launcher, or a Vextronics EMP rifle.

Flight Salvage - This mission begins with Corporal Hariston in the main room of Fort Haroun. Hariston wants you to retrieve some parts from a crashed ship to the south. The ship is located on the way from Haroun to Iapyx around 635, 234, -75 but this mission is currently bugged and it can't be interacted with.

Stealthy as She Goes - This mission begins with Ranger Houchen around 722, 224, 361. Houchen wants you to obtain a 5 samples of quicksilver for stealth technology. This one requires you just kill Hunters, lots of them until you get all your drops. Once done return to Houchen for 4200 credits and your choice of Pathogex Bio Armor Gloves, a Vitalius Net Gun, or a Teleract Motor Assist Armor Helmet. Surprisingly no Stealth armor reward though.

The Shootist - This mission begins with Sudar and his task is extremely simple. Kill Phost'Bennon (once again make sure you have your TOO mission). Phost'Bennon is a named Lightbender so bring something with non-laser damage to the entrance of the Bane Energy Weapons Center and you'll find him hanging around with a dozen other creatures. Kill him for his key card and interact with a weapons crate just west of him. Once completed return to Sudar for your reward.


Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Effect West of Fort Hauron among the Stalkers and Striders 103.4, 323.4


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016