Qeynos, Here I Come!

A Step by Step Guide on how to Betray the City of Freeport

By: Savanja


Starting at level 10, you can now, rather simply, betray Freeport to Qeynos. It's mostly a whole lot of running around, but nowhere near as tedious as the betrayal quest previously was. I would say that if you like those Fed-Ex type quests, well then, this process is your personal heaven!

The most difficult part is actually betraying Freeport, after that, you simply need to run enough quests to gain Qeynos faction and become a Qeynos citizen. To start your betrayal, speak with Izzay, found within the Blood Haze Inn. He's a little devious looking hooded ratonga. He will give you the quest "Listening in for Qeynos" which starts the whole process of betrayal.

"Listening in for Qeynos" - Izzay gives you listening devices that he wants you to place in strategic locations around the city. West Freeport, 3rd floor of the Militia House on the table (loc +155, +1, +122). East Freeport, 2nd floor of the Freeport Observer, on the table (loc -96, -32, -17). North Freeport, second floor of the Acedemy of Arcane Science, on the small round table (loc 0, +7, -122). South Freeport, next to the opening to the Seafury boat (loc -282, -57, +142). In the Temple Street Ruined Temple, beind the 2 chairs (loc +35, +4, +98). When you have placed all of the listening devices, return to Izzay to finish this quest and take on the next in the series.

"Timing the Night Shift" - Izzay has now asks you to learn of the night schedules for the guards. He gives you a list and a device to listen in on the guards without getting too close. First location is around the left corner outside the Militia House (loc +118, -15, +137), you'll be listening in on Commandant Dominicus. He seems to only spawn at night (which makes sense since these are night shift guards) so you may have to wait around for a bit before he spawns. Next location is behind the tree near Commandant Arkadios. 3rd location is near Man-at-Arms Faustus, just behind the pillar next to Thuz (loc +279, -3, -67). Next is Commandant Placida, use the device right in that open area (loc +283, -3, -19). Finally you need to listen to Commandant Tor'Val, found in the lower level of the Militia House, hide right behind the pillar to listen in (loc +155, -26, +134). Once you have listened in on all the guards required, return to Izzay! Izzay will now send you off to speak with another squire, Mehina in East Freeport.

Mehina is found inside the Seafarer's Roost in East Freeport. Once you find her, she'll act as if she has no clue as to what you are talking about, so just tell her about the tournament schedule so you don't blow her cover! She will then give you a task to complete.

"Resetting the Militia" - Mehina needs for you to steal the Freeport Militia's shift schedule. The shift schedule is found on the second floor of the Militia House, it looks like a typical bulletin board. Mehina reccomends that you make the exchange at night, and she really means that, I got my dark elf tushie beat attempting it too early in the evening. You then take it to Juturna in Longshadow Alley. She's inside a door not far from the dock. You then run back to the Militia House (again, under the cover of night) and replace what you took. Once completed, you return to Mehina.

Mehina will tell you to head back to Blood Haze Inn where you will be speaking, once again, to Izzay.

Izzay gives you one last task. At the completion of this task, you will be an exile, so the game makes VERY sure that this is what you want. At this point, please make sure you have emptied your bank and house of all items, because you will not be returning to Freeport under pleasant circumstances.

"Destroy the Weapons Cache" - Izzay sends you to an instanced version of the Militia House. Here you will complete your debauchary. First kill the Commandant, found on the second floor, to get the key. Retrieve the explosive device from the squire near the entrance, then take that explosive device to the upper level and set it off in the supplies area. You then need to go downstairs and free the prisoners from their cells, then go back up to the entrance and retrieve another explosive device, and blow up the armory downstairs. Once all this is done, your quest journal tells you to get out, but alas, your squires were found and killed, and you are essentially caught and sent into exile.


Completion of these tasks zones you to Haven where you live as an exile until you go on to do your quests to become a citizen of Qeynos. Haven has all the basics, so you are good to hang out there for however long you need to, and technically, you could remain a exile forever, though you lose a lot of benefits not being aligned with a city faction. If you are ready to prove your loyalties to Qeynos and gain enough faction to become a citizen, then you need to visit Gil McMartin (loc -924, -47, +13) in the Commonlands. He's found in one of the towers west of the West Commonlands gate. He has plenty of faction quests to do for every skill level. Gil will continue to give you faction quests (all of which are rather self explainatory) until you have the required amount of faction to be amiable with Qeynos, at which point he will send you to speak with Vishra in South Qeynos (just outside the mage tower) who will give you a couple more task before you become a citizen (one of which requires you have a gold on you for a needed donation).

Congrats on becoming a Qeynosian citizen! May you live long under the light of the Queen's graciousness.


Please send all questions, comments, or corrections to me! I'm always happy to correct my mistakes, or chit chat with fellow gamers.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016