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style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Defeat Elder
Brightleaf, Elder Ironbranch, and Elder Stonebark within 15 seconds of
each other

In order to complete this achievement your raid will first want to
clear all trash mobs around the Elders. On normal mode your raid will
want to pull the two Elders that are farthest away. The raid then
should proceed to DPS down these two Elders to 5% health. When these
Elders get close to 5% the final Elder should be pulled and tanked by
the best geared of the two tanks. This Elder should be DPSed until he
is also at 5% health, then the Elders should all be killed together.

On 25 man, a slightly different strategy should be used. Once all trash
is clear your raid will want to start at Elder Stonebark. Once pulled,
he should be DPSed down to about 5-10% health. One tank, a DPS
(preferably a ranged to make killing the roots later easier) and 1
healer should be left behind. The rest of the raid should move on
quickly to Elder Brightleaf. Brightleaf should also be DPSed down to
around 10% health and once again one tank, two healers, and 2-4 DPS
should be left behind to keep the Elder at low health (he heals). The
remaining raid (DPS, 2 tanks, 2-3 healers) should then move on to
Ironbranch and he should be DPSed as quickly as possible to low health.
When all the Elders are at relatively low health, all DPS at the Elders
should then proceed to kill them. Killing Stonebark first is advised as
the fewest DPS are at this location.

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style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Defeat Freya within
20 minutes of the first creature you kill in the Conservatory of Life

Your raid will have to be on it’s toes to pull off this
achievement. Something to keep in mind before starting is that trash is
not linked to Freya, so there is no need to clear the entire room. Only
pull the packs that are needed to reach the Elders and to open up a
safe space to fight Freya herself. When you begin pulling, the key here
is speed. Chain pull, chain pull, chain pull. Make sure you have your
bathroom breaks out of the way before the first pull and preferably no
one should die;, every second spent rezzing will mean less time to
defeat Freya. Once you reach Freya, proceed through Phase 1 as normal,
as there is nothing you can do to make it go any faster. Once Phase 2
hits, blow all cool downs including Bloodlust/Heroism and bring her
down as quickly as your raid can. This achievement may take some
practice; do not be discouraged if you do not meet the timer the first

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style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Defeat 2 Ancient
Water Spirits, 2 Storm Lashers, and 2 Snaplashers within 10 seconds

Another difficult achievement, this will require that you 
bring 3 tanks to raid instead of two. One tank will be tanking Freya,
one will be picking up adds as normal, and the final tank should be
waiting for the pack (Water Spirit, Storm Lasher, Snaplasher) to come
out. It should be noted that Freya summons adds differently every time.
The initial order of add summons is totally random, but once three
different packs have spawned the order will be repeated until Freya is
killed or the encounter resets. Once the Water Spirit pack is spawned,
the tank should move them slightly out of the raid where they will be
tanked until the second pack is spawned. While waiting for the second
pack, the other two packs will spawn as normal. The OT not tanking the
Water Spirit pack should pick up these packs (the Ancient Conservator
and the Detonating Lasher pack) and they should be killed as normal.
When the second Water Spirit pack finally spawns they should be grabbed
and pulled over to the pack already being tanked. The adds should then
be AoE’d down, paying close attention to health. If one add
gets lower than the others AoE should stop and single target DPS should
commence. Kill the adds within 10 seconds of each other, and your guild
will have a shiny new achievement.

style="width: 600px; height: 105px;" alt=""

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Getting Back to

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Defeat Freya while
she is affected by 25 stacks of Attuned to Nature

Freya begins the fight with 150 stacks of the Attuned to Nature buff.
Each stack increases healing to Freya by 4%, and she will continuously
heal herself throughout the fight. Freya will also summon add packs
throughout the fight. Each add pack killed will remove a specific
amount of Attuned to Nature:

  • Ancient Conservator - Single
    add. Removes 25 stacks.
  • Ancient Water Spirit/Storm
    Lasher/Snap Lasher - Three adds that will revive if not killed
    together. Removes 30 stacks (10 stacks each).
  • Detonating Lashers - 10
    spawned per wave, blow up when killed. Removes 20 stacks (2 stacks

Killing all six waves will remove all 150 stacks, since this
achievement requires Freya to have at least 25 stacks when she dies,
she will have to be killed before the second Ancient Conservator or
Water Spirit/Lasher pack is killed. To wipe out this achievement, your
raid should bring three tanks. One to tank Freya, one to pick up the
packs, and the last to tank will OT either the Ancient Conservator or
Water Spirit/Lasher pack being saved until after Freya dies. Which pack
your raid decides to leave up is totally up to you. I would personally
say the Ancient Conservator would be the easier of the two. Even though
you will have to run from mushroom to mushroom the damage increase
given by being under the mushrooms is well worth it. Otherwise the
fight should proceed as normal. Keep it together and this achievement
will be in the bag.

style="width: 600px; height: 92px;" alt=""

on Wood

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Defeat Freya while
leaving at least 1 Elder alive

As the achievement states, in order to complete this you will need to
leave at least 1 Elder alive. Each Elder left alive will grant Freya a
new ability and also increase damage in some form.

  • Elder Brightleaf - Increases
    Magic damage dealt by Freya and her Allies of Nature by 50%. Also
    allows for Solar Flare to be cast. Solar Flare causes pillars of light
    to spawn which will do damage to players and eventually explode doing
    damage to everyone near it.

  • Elder Ironbranch - Increases
    Physical damage dealt by Allies of Nature by 50%. Also allows Iron
    Roots to entangle and do massive damage to players.

  • Elder Stonebark - Increases
    Physical damage dealt by Freya by 50%. Also allows the Ground Tremor
    ability to be used which inflicts damage to all raid members can
    interrupt spell casting.

The Elders do not join the fight, and will despawn after 
Freya is defeated. Your raid can decide which Elder they would prefer
to leave alive, however my suggestion would be to start with Elder
Ironbranch. If you do this it will be very important that the OT picks
up the spawned packs as quickly as possible as they will be doing extra
damage and could easily wipe out your raid.  Overall, this
won’t be a big change and shouldn’t affect the raid
at all as long as the tank is on their toes. The Iron Roots however,
are another story. Iron roots will be cast roughly every 20 seconds and
will do quite a bit of damage to the player and also will immobilize
them. The roots are able to be targeted. These should be
DPS’s first priority. Any ability that removes movement
impairing effects such as Hand of Freedom, Blink, Cloak of Shadows, etc
can and should be used. This will especially be important in Phase 2.
Freya will, as normal, spawn bombs around her, usually soon after she
casts Iron Roots. If players are not freed from the roots in time to
move this could easily lead to a wipe. Healing the extra damage, be
sure to pick up the adds quickly, and kill the Iron Roots otherwise the
fight will progress as normal and it should be fairly easy for your
raid to gain this achievement.

style="width: 600px; height: 73px;" alt=""

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Knock, Knock on Wood

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Defeat Freya while
leaving at least 2 Elders alive

For this achievement your raid will need to leave at least 2 Elders
alive while defeating Freya. Once again, the Elders each add a buff and
ability to the fight, however they themselves will not join the fight.
Sticking with the above strat, Elder Ironbranch should be left alive,
but this time another Elder will be joining him. I would suggest Elder
Brightleaf as his abilities are the next easiest to deal
with.  Elder Brightleaf will increase Freya’s
magical damage and the magical damage of all her allies. This will mean
healing will be more intense than usual and damage to the raid should
be avoided at all costs. This means those affected by Sunbeam should
get away from other raid members, the same goes for those affected by
Nature’s Fury. The Storm Bolt cast by the Storm Lashes should
be interrupted every single time it is cast. Freya will also now be
casting Solar Flares. These Flares are large pillars of light that will
do damage to anyone standing in them. As usual in WoW, don’t
stand in the beams of light;, it is bad, very bad. Do not forget about
Elder Ironbranch, as his abilities will still be active. There will be
Iron Roots casts that need broken, and the Allies of Nature will still
have their Physcial damage increases. Avoid the beams, kill the roots,
heal the damage, try to lesson overall raid damage all while proceeding
through the fight as normal and your raid will wrap this achievement up.

style="width: 600px; height: 107px;" alt=""

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Knock, Knock, Knock
on Wood

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Defeat Freya while
leaving all three Elders alive

Now the fun really begins. Not only will you be dealing with Freya,
spawning add packs, and the two other Elder’s abilities but
now there will be an extra set of abilities active and they are
doozies. With all three of the buffs Freya’s Physical and
Magic damage are increased by 50% and the Physical and Magic damage of
her allies is also increased by 50%. Just like before Iron Roots and
Solar Flare will be cast throughout the fight but now Ground Tremor
will be a part of the action, and it hurts. Ground Tremor will do
damage to the entire raid every time it is cast. This means that all
other raid damage should be avoided. Roots need to be killed as soon as
they pop up, adds should never be on anyone besides the OT for very
long, light beams should be avoided, and anyone targeted with
Nature’s Fury or Sunbeam should get away from the raid ASAP.
The Stormbolt from Storm Lashers must be interrupted as well. With all
the other damage going around the healers are going to be working extra
hard, no need to make it even more difficult. Detonating Lashers will
be the biggest problem for your raid, as when they explode they will
deal large amounts of damage to anyone around them. Use any means you
can to keep these away from your raid. Frost Trap, Frost Nova, etc
should be used to slow them down and keep them from killing off raid
members. Tanks should be prepared to use cool downs to live through the
explosions. If you can get the Detonating Lasher groups down the other
packs will be no problem and you should easily bring Freya into Phase
2. Phase 2 will be a breeze compared to Phase 1. Just keep on top of
the healing, avoid the beams of light, and kill of the roots quickly
and you will win.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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