When you first start to raid, you do it for both fun and gear. After getting hooked though, hopefully you want to raid for more that. You want to socialize in a raid, get a spot in a raiding guild and really start to progress and be one of those raiders that always seem to know the answers and be on top of it. How do you do that though, what do you need to know to start gaining that raiders instinct? Byron “Messiah” Mudry provides all the information you need on how to start to learn to be a top end raider.

To be a great raider you need to spend a lot of time learning. You learn about your class, the game, other classes, raids, mechanics and strategies. You take that learned information and turn it into knowledge that you can use and share. Knowledge can be used to adapt to different similar situations or to provide minor corrections. Lastly selflessness in not always having to be the top DPS, or not dealing with adds or mechanics, or not always taking loot that would be better for someone else.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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