Game Economy

by: Kiara

Game economy? Who in the blazes came up with that crap top... oh. Right. That
was me. * coughs *

I'm sure I had a reason for throwing that particular topic out during the
weekly third degree. See, once a week, the dwarf sits you down in a chair and
has a giant ogre breathe in your face while he asks you what you want to write
for the coming week. I say whatever pops into my head at the time so I can get
out from under the torture. And this is what happens. * sigh *

I know next to nothing about economics. I only give myself a modicum of
knowledge simply because I recall sleeping through at least ONE economics class
in college. Beyond that, I'm quite thoroughly at a loss.

Currently, my observations about the game and money have been confined to the fact that I have none. In my neverending quest for the elusive wealth that so
many seem to have found (I've decided that everyone buys plat * nod *), I've
tried a good many things. Pimping out my friends as dancing, showtune singing
monkies. Scouring the world for rare shinies... all to no profit.

Lately, I've given myself over to the crafting bug. It's easy and mind
numbing, but not QUITE so awful as it used to be when you had to make
8,832,937,273 subcombines just to get one finished product.

But, Kiara, you didn't have to make THAT many subcombines!

My pretty purple hiney. My main is an alchemist. Trust me. I was up to my
armpits in WORTs. Worst crafting class ever before the revamps. I've actually
gone back to levelling my alchemist now, just because she's more fun.

However, the ease with which one can now craft away the hours (when not
distracted by the highly addictive "pew pew" of the bubble popping game), while
greatly more enjoyable than it once was, comes with a rather unfortunate side

The market is flooded. It's so flooded it's down right ridiculous. At least
at the lower tiers. I can't speak to the higher tiers until I get there, of
course. I'm currently in tier four. I've got so many cucumbers, I think I will
never again have bags under my eyes! Which really isn't a bad thing, now that I
think about it...

So, with all this supply, the demand has gone kaput. Everyone is making food
and drink for themselves, because it's just that easy now. Once again, my dreams
of wealth have fizzled along with my heal (how embarassing is it for a healer to
fizzle a heal, by the way?).

I'm currently taking suggestions for a new get rich quick scheme. So far, all
I've gotten is petitions to have the dwarf sing the itsy bitsy robotic spider as
a serenade to Lucan. On the one hand, I couldn't do that to a good friend... And
on the other... Well, Lucan IS offering quite a lot of money...

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016